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Danni's Dirty Diary

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First Time Fever



My first booking went a little something like this -


I walk into the room, smiling probably too much, glasses smudgy and heart racing.

Black slips of lace clung to my porcelain form as I shook his hand, feeling the body suit delicately against my suddenly hard nipples. He was tall, well dressed and my type.


He pushed me to my knees, post small talk, to commence his fantasy, he was all hands, on my head, in my hair. He was direct and upfront, "Look at me princess", his voice would break as I lavished him. I was enjoying every knee buckle or groan that erupted from him. He had a thing for nerdy girls you see, and had a very specific desire, COG (cum on glasses) and I was more than happy to oblige.


Working him til his fingers found their final grasp, a make shift pony tail, he pushed himself to completion, pulling back only to square my frames before unleashing.

Once he could stand we shared a steamy shower and he is now nicknamed "Mister Wonderful", my first client.




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Glad your first time was a good experience Danni. I remember three young first timers who's hands were shaking and nervous movements...

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