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Ok so i've been at the boardroom for a few months now. i find the travelling hard, being away from family, friends, partner and pets for soo long.


however i have been having an amazing time. the clients here are super lovely, gentle and generous in a few ways ;) the staff make my job really easy and the facilities are gorgeous. the girls have been soo welcoming and i've enjoyed alot of kinky doubles with some very amazing, intense sexual kittens.


i have never been happier in the industry. i am incredibly comfortable.


i wish my partner and pets were here but i just have to try a little harder to get to where i need to be.


i have had a couple difficult bookings with language barriers or cultural differences but i am finding i have more patience here for the difficulties. i have soo much support that it makes me relax alot easier when things get hard.


Anyway i was thinking of doing my reviews of clients again since i have been having a great time and want to share it. might start again in the new yr :)


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