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Banging Bingo



I love Bingo. Not everyone does, but I definitely do. Someone once said to me that Bingo was boring because all they did was wait for the numbers to be called out and 90% of the time, they had 22 or 23 of the 24 numbers needed and someone else yells out “Bingo!” to frustrate them. If only they knew why I love Bingo so much! You see, I’m not your average Bingo grandma...


I have this other side of my life. One filled with pulsating excitement, lust and debauchery. Every time the caller bellows out a number with those phrases of his, my mind wanders to one of these hedonistic escapades of mine. My fellow Bingo players don’t know it, but my pussy tingles each time a phrase arouses an erotic memory. Sometimes, I actually have a couple of mini orgasms without even touching myself!


“Good afternoon ladies and gents, rise and shine, that’s your first number, 29”


Rise and shine! Yes, I remembered that time when I was up nice and early and caught the neighbour’s son still asleep on the deck chair in the back lawn that both our properties shared. As with all young men, at this time in the morning, he had a bit of a “tent” going despite him obviously having had a huge night. I remember checking their driveway, noticing the car gone, and realising he was home alone ... still sleeping off his big night ... with a boner under his beach towel. I couldn’t help myself and knelt down, pulled his shorts down slowly and began to give him what he obviously needed. He awoke, and after the initial panicked look around and realising his parents weren’t home, he smirked and let me have my way with him. I licked his shaft, his balls, the head ... I sucked on it, I deep throated it, I gave him the blowjob of his life. And my reward? An absolutely lovely load of gooey, warm cum that felt wonderful sliding down my throat.


Oh shit, I missed a few numbers, what were they? Uh huh, yep, yep, missed that one, and that one, got that one, nope, yep ... and ok, I’m back on board.


“There’s a knock on the door, it’s number 4!”


Heheh ... knock on the door. Like that time the 2 guys selling electricity plans showed up at my door in summer. It was such a hot day and I’d been sunning myself on the deck, and I could see that these 2 young blokes had been trudging around the neighbourhood, and were literally sweating buckets. To answer the door, I’d quickly put on a sheer white cotton summer dress, but I was still starkers underneath, so you didn’t need much imagination to see what was underneath. Anyway, I invited the 2 young fellas in and offered them a cold drink, which they gladly accepted. They fumbled their way through their sales pitch and I caught the older one leering at me, obviously with lust-filled thoughts flooding his head. I don’t know how we got there, but I vividly remembered being spit-roasted by these 2 and enjoying it so much that I squirted everywhere. I managed to extract at least 2 loads out of each of them, filling my mouth, my pussy and my ass. It was heavenly. But I still didn’t switch electricity suppliers.


Damn! All that reminiscing just made me miss a few numbers. Time to catch up! Nope, nope, nope, yes, cross that row out, yep, nope, yep, nope, nope, dammit, yes, yes, ok I’m caught up.


“And there it is between the sticks ... 86!”


Gangbangs ... love ‘em. I still remember that time that I attended a party solo and had the time of my life. It was a big party, there were about 5 other women, and over 20 guys. Easily a 4-to-1 ratio of men to women. Just the way I love it. I remember when I stepped out of the shower before the actual play and there were 3 guys getting stripped down in that room. I guess I gave them an early start, blowing all 3 of them there before entering the play room. The playroom had a hot tub, and that was fun as I did some riding amongst the bubbles. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it feels with a cock up your arse and a water jet spraying your pussy. Absolutely fucking sensory heaven! And then to dry off, start to mingle, and before long, you have a whole queue of guys waiting to fill every available hole of yours. Some even doubled back for seconds and thirds. That session must have lasted nearly an hour, but felt like an eternity and I didn’t want it to stop. I was disappointed that the guys ran out of steam (and cum) before I was done. But I lost count at about 35 loads, so I couldn’t really complain now.


Dammit! Missed more numbers. Yep, another row, yep, yep, nope, nope, yep, nope, yep, yep, nope, nope, nope, nope, dammit!


“And it’s down on your knees for 43!”


Heheheh! Funny about that! I still remember just last year when I was overseas and visited a dingy peep show joint. It was dark, it was dank, it was sleazy, but it was erotic. I indulged in my fascination for pussy by taking a booth. And when the screen popped up, the light that crept into the booth was just enough to show me a tiny hole in the chipboard wall. OMG, it was a glory hole! How’s a girl to resist? So, I simply asked “is anyone in there?” and got a very timid “yes”. I asked “are you enjoying yourself?” ... another timid “yes”. “Are you playing with yourself?” and a slightly less timid “yes” came back. “Let me see?” and a nice healthy dick slowly crept through the hole. I began sucking on it and it was tasty. I got him hard quickly and before long, I was swallowing a lovely warm load of cum. “Fuck me, thanks!” came back. Suddenly another dick crept through. Oh goody! I put my bag down and knelt on it to get more comfortable. This one was a “grower” – he started off looking like a pee wee and ended up looking like a baseball bat. Wow! And boy did he have a full load! Loved every drop of it. Then a black dick poked through. After that, another one, and another one, and eventually I finished the night with 8 dicks sucked off. Looks like my “after dinner drinks” were well catered for. And they were free, and they were yummy, and it made my first trip to a peep show cubicle one to savour.


Fuck it! What are the numbers I missed again? Good, nope, nope, yes, another row gone, nope, what was it again, shit, yep, yep, getting close, another one, 2 more to go, come on!


“Peek a boo ... it’s number 2!”


Just like that time we had the adult toys party at my place and only 2 of my girlfriends showed up, and we had a blast. There were whips, there were chains, there were dildos of every description. The girl showing off the toys really got into it, and before you knew it, 4 naked chics with vibrators and dildos going everywhere, I had a ball gag in me so my yelps of delight were muffled, and we gave every bit of the showcase a workout. The double-ended dildos were particularly popular, and the double-pronged dildos came a close second, especially when I was using it to DP one of the girls.


At the end of us, we were a sticky, sweaty mess, giggling and glowing, exhausted but with tingling pussies, stretch mouths and throbbing sphincters. Brilliant!


Oops, better concentrate, no one’s yelled out Bingo yet. I might actually win one this time! Just checking ... yes, 4 rows gone, one number to go, and ... heheheh ...


“And it’s a meal for two ... 69!”


“BINGO!!!!! BINGO !!!!! Oh fuck me, BINGO !!!!!” And I think I just came ... again!


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Thanks for a very well written story. best blog I have read here for a while. Now sitting at work and trying not to think of going out the back for a quick wank

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Best bit of erotic fantasy I've read in ages. I'll never 'look' at bingo the same again.


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22 - Two little Ducks....rhymes with Fucks... probably the number of times we enjoyed each others company. xx

You always give me a smile.........and a fat. xx

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