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No.1 Blackburn St. - 13/01/08 - Ivy



Originally posted 14 January 2008


On Thursday and Friday last week, a friend and I visited many Asian parlours around Surry Hills and other inner suburbs. The offerings were not tempting at most shops. But, at No.1 Blackburn St., the line-up included an attractive Indian lady named Ivy, wearing ID badge No.33. I was unable to stay due to an imminent dinner engagement, and indicated to the mumma-san that I would probably return after dinner. She helpfully advised that the prices are significantly cheaper before 6pm.


Daytime prices are now $115 for 30 minutes and $215 for an hour, escalating to $145 and $280 after 6pm. Big difference!


After dinner, feeling uncomfortable from far too much food, I decided to wait for the cheaper prices, hoping that Ivy might be working on Saturday or Sunday afternoon before I had to fly back to Melbourne.


I rang the bell at No.1 Blackburn St. at 12 noon on Saturday, but no one answered. I later discovered that this parlour usually opens at 12 noon, so I just missed out. I decided to try again on Sunday, and headed off to Newcastle. On the way out of Sydney, I called in at 533 Willoughby Rd., but only two less than impressive Chinese ladies were available. Fortunately, I found a tempting Thai lady at Asian Star when I arrived in Newcastle (see separate review) .


When I arrived back in Sydney on Sunday afternoon at 4pm, I called in again at No.1 Blackburn St. and was fortunate to find Ivy working. I booked her for 30 minutes, as I had time constraints with a Melbourne flight to catch.


On the way to the room Ivy introduced herself and said she was from Malaysia. She was surprised when I said to her that she is Malaysian-Indian. I explained that many years ago I was married to a very beautiful Indian lady with the same wonderful dark skin tone, with similar body shape and facial features, so I had no trouble identifying her background.


Ivy mentioned to me later that she usually works day and evening shift every day. She has been in Australia for 2 months and will be returning to Malaysia four months from now.


Ivy said she is 20 years old. She is only about 1.57m (5ft 2in) in height, but looks taller due to her long slim legs. She weighs about 48kg and has a delightfully curvy body. She has beautiful natural breasts, which are probably only a generous B cup, but look to be C on her small body. She has a full round bum, providing a perfect balance to her curvy breasts.


I was pleasantly surprised that Ivy joined me in the shower. My dick reacted immediately to her beautiful naked body - I was hard before she finished adjusting the shower temperature. Sharing the shower together is such a superior way to start any booking. It also removes any concerns about the timekeeping, because who cares if the shower time is charged if you are sharing it with a naked nymph.


On the bed after we had dried each other, Ivy began to massage me all over with her breasts, which was highly enjoyable. She is a very friendly and cheeky lady, so we found each other laughing so much that we were constantly interrupting the flow of the action. Even after she had progressed to a very impressive BBBJ, she kept teasing me with cheeky comments, which at least helped me not get too carried away too quickly.


When I suggested we should swing around into 69, I was very pleased that she complied instantly. Her pussy is fully shaved and, typical for Indian ladies, her lips are very dark and prominent. Yummy!!


We continued in 69 for some time, then she finally applied a condom and I mounted in missionary position, propped up on my arms. This was enjoyable, watching her lovely dark body spread beneath me. I asked her how long we had left in the session. She obviously had no idea, guessing maybe 15 minutes. I figured the time must be almost up as we had spent too long at the beginning on cheeky foreplay.


I suggested she finish me quickly with an oil HJ on her perky tits. She was happy to comply, and before we had progressed very far the buzzer sounded. I came quickly and showered alone while Ivy tidied up the room.


If any FIA Sydney members are into dark-skinned ladies, Ivy is definitely worth a session. I would give her high marks for looks and personality, and she provides quite good service. If you have the opportunity to become a regular customer, I think the performance rating would probably improve several notches.


Definitely recommended!




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