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Ian's Hypothetical - Part 2



A while back I posted a blog about comparing the idea of ordinary blokes who might get on The Bachelorette being a kin to minnow countries at a sporting World Cup , who has remarkably qualified for the tournament and is just happy to be there. In all honestly I wouldn't take it seriously because I know I have no chance of winning. To just get a rose once. Would then make be feel like I've sprung an upset one of that sport's superpowers.


Well in light of what has happened at Euro 2016 I felt the need to rehash it.


Iceland not only making the Quarter Finals but knocking out England. It'd be like the lady passing on George Clooney in favour of Zach Galifianakis.


Then this morning the boilovers continued. Wales beating Belgium


However the Iceland one is still the one I'm over the moon at. Especially in light of the Icelandic commentary


(I think we've all seen it by now)

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