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Adventures with 'Special Needs Dick'

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The wait......

ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


For the past few years I have had a tickle on the inner part of my back just near my right shoulder blade. Not all the time,,,, Perhaps a few times a week. At times I would feel like I wanted a hair brush to just give myself a good scratch. At times I would scratch a little, that would form a tiny pressure blister, but it would pop with no issue. Sometimes I would find a doorway and scratch my self as a bear would on a tree!

Recently I was fighting an annoying cough after a bout with the flu. Whilst at the Docs, I asked about the itch on my back. The Doc suggested a biopsy get performed. So, I came back in a few days and got the 'local' and before I knew it I was on my way out.... Waiting for my results that should be back by this mid-week. Today, I got a call, to see if I was free to come in, instead of my Mid-week appt.... So I did....


I got a call from the Doc, just prior to entering Flame Angels for a punt. (I looked around thinking he was also in the Carpark with me... I went red as I thought I had been busted! LOL) I had a professional background in Sports Medicine for over a decade...and I know when a Doc calls to amend your apt it is not always a great sign...


I had a fantastic punt, probably thinking it could be a last! LOL! Fuck I hope not! But during the whole session I was thinking about mortality etc.... I did not hesitate eating the Asian Milf Out.... I am usually a bit more cautious! After the punt I headed off to the clinic.... into the Surgery and yes I had clenched arse cheeks during that first 30 seconds or so... I mentioned to the Doc that he had cut a biopsy for a spot that had not been itchy at all. The actual spot was below by another three inches or so... The Docs face changed a bit more serious and said 'Well, It is fortunate that I did that first spot at it has come up positive.... Yes, my heart dropped and I am sure that any blood that was in my knob was heading straight for my toes..... So, I have a cancer on my back that was not causing an issue.... great... In a few days, I will return to have the second spot (which is the itchy one) have a biopsy performed also.... Happy days.....


On top of this I have just had a lump discovered above my left hip... I am hoping it is a fatty tissue... Needless to say, there is no doubt that I am shitting myself at the moment... Even though my recent reviews may not appear that in the style that I write..... Yes, I am punting quite often... (4 times in 5 days) and I hope to punt for a long time yet. I will update this as it goes.

I am really hoping the itch on my back is just an itch... If it is worse I hope it is just a localised issue and not one of those fuckers that spreads......


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ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


Thanks guys....... Two biopsy cuts have been done... Both cancer but Basal (non-Evil) Have got two chunks cut out of my back which has made me a little head fucked to say the least. The lump above my hip was a benign tumour.... Good that it was benign but on the other hand I don't really care for it at all...... Fact is the fucker was there to start with.... Two more biopsy cuts to go... Am moving a bit gingerly but at least I proved to myself yesterday that I could still fuck after going for a punt!


Cheers SAP

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Good to hear mate...you'll be back in the saddle in no time..

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ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


I got back into punting and did get one of the best punts of my life.... but I am not getting as hard as I was..... Probably a little in my head still at the moment too.....

Not sure how long a three inch cut takes to heal but one of mine still aches a bit..... The bigger test will be in another week when I have a 'friend' visiting.... and I sure will test myself!

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