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Asian Star - 12/01/08 - Champagne3



Originally posted 14 January 2008


NB - this is NOT the Champagne from Melbourne or the new Champagne from Gigi's. It looks like Champagne is becoming a very popular working name for Thai girls - how confusing! Maybe, in order to avoid total confusion, I need to refer to them as Champagne 1, 2 and 3.


After two nights of pretty much wasted introductions at some of Sydney's better-known Asian parlours, I visited Asian Star on Hunter (Newcastle) on Saturday afternoon, seeking inspiration, or maybe just something tempting.


A number of attractive Korean and Chinese ladies had flitted in and out. Then an apparent outstanding discovery made me sit up and take notice. A tall, slim lady with generous-sized breasts entered the intro area, wearing only high heels plus a sexy black bra and G-string. She immediately reminded me of the multi-reviewed, and much admired, Coco at the Melbourne Colosseum. I must admit that I have never booked Coco, but I have seen her passing many times while she was doing intros at the MC, and I have read every one of the many reviews of her attributes. This lady has a similar tall, slim body, similar generous-sized boobs, and to me, an even more attractive face than Coco. When she introduced herself as Champagne from Thailand I needed no more convincing. I booked her for an hour - $170 (great value for money compared to most Sydney and Melbourne parlours).


As she took me to the room, Champagne asked me why I was grinning, and I admitted to her that I know several other Thai WLs with the same name, so I couldn't resist booking her. She was happy when I added that no matter what her name was, I would have booked her because she is very beautiful and sexy.


Champagne returned to the room with a cold drink for me before I finished my shower. As I dried myself, Champagne took a shower herself. I thought to myself it would have been better to have shared the shower time together, but nevertheless it was still OK to sit on the bed and watch Champagne shower through the clear glass - quite a spectacular sight! Champagne said she is 1.72m (5ft 8ins) tall and weighs only 48kg. Her breasts are enhanced, probably C size, but it is a good job and they felt reasonably natural. I am turned off by enhanced boobs that are too obviously fake, but these do not fall into that category. Her legs are very long and, together with her sexy bum, have great muscle tone - she keeps fit and toned by working out at the gym, as well. Champagne said she is 25 years old, with a Thai mother and Malaysian-Chinese father.


As we moved onto the bed, Champagne asked me if I had ever booked other ladies at this parlour. I mentioned I had booked Candy, a sexy Vietnamese lady, about six months ago. She said Candy still works at Asian Star, and has a very good reputation. She surprised me by saying that she cannot provide a service as good as Candy! I asked her to explain, and she said, for example, she does not provide kissing or licking pussy. My heart dropped when I heard that DATY was not on the menu! Then she surprised me again by suggesting that paying a $50 extras fee would make these services available. I thanked her but declined the offer. In later conversation, I discovered that she sometimes works at one of Sydney's top-end establishments, where punters pay $350 for a basic one-hour service and extras are almost mandatory. Talk about spreading an unwelcome practice!


Champagne began the action by caressing my body with her generous breasts. This quickly had my dick very hard. When she realised how strongly I responded to this, she stood up and applied a generous amount of massage oil to her breasts. She then lay beside me and rubbed my dick very sensually on, and between, her lovely breasts. She continued this with many variations for quite some time. I enjoyed this so much that that I suggested that we should eventually return to exactly this format when it was time for me to cum - in fact she had me very close to this outcome already! There was no sensation at all that her breasts were enhanced - they certainly felt soft and natural to my very discerning dick!


Next, Champagne applied a condom and gave me a reasonably good CBJ. Her technique was acceptable, but I have certainly had better. She tended to apply a strong and deep suction, but without any variations. Her shoulder length hair kept falling down between us, obscuring the action. I am always a big fan of combining both the visual and physical aspects of a BJ to maximise the impact, so this was disappointing. However, I know enough about Thai customs to realise that it is offensive to touch the head or hair, so I did not try to remedy the situation.


We then moved on to intercourse with Champagne first on top, then missionary. Despite generous use of lubrication, her pussy was nice and tight. I could have reached orgasm in missionary position, but I had my heart set on cumming on her tits, as already agreed.


We returned to the position with Champagne manipulating my rampant dick all over her well-oiled tits, which soon resulted in a copious and very satisfying explosion.


Champagne very quickly cleaned herself up with many tissues and jumped in the shower. I followed, once again thinking this would have been better done together. As we had at least 10 minutes of the session left, Champagne gave me an adequate leg massage while we chatted.


She said that she and a Korean friend spent a week working at at well-known South Melbourne parlour just before Christmas, and both had done well. She said she will probably come back to Melbourne for another visit before the end of January. She asked for my phone number and said she will call me to let me know where she is working if she comes to Melbourne again. Watch this space!




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