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How did I get here: Diary of a new WL

Anya Sonder


I've only been in the industry for a couple of months, and its only part time for me but I often get asked what got me into it. Here goes: I was coming out of a long-term relationship where mismatched sex drives meant that sex was happening at best every few months. I thought I was ok with that but in hindsight what on earth was I thinking?! Anyway, I was seeing a great guy casually and after a month of remembering what great sex could be he said he wanted me to meet someone. Someone who had changed his life. Would I be interested in a threesome?


Well, I had experienced one drunken threesome before and I love girls almost as much as I love men so my interest was piqued. Then out came something completely unexpected - the woman he wanted me to meet was a sex worker. A very highly paid tantric goddess. He thought we might have a lot in common.






....Excuse me? Did you just ask if I wanted a threesome with a ....prostitute?


My mind filled with all of the presumptions that I had grown up with. About why I thought women did sex work and what I thought I knew about the guys that paid them. My first instinct was to kick this guy to the curb, administer a big dose of brain bleach and move on. But something got me curious. He gave me her website address and said "Just think about it..."


A few days later I couldn't resist. I typed the web address into my laptop. Read every page of her site, every word. Damn she looked sexy but even better, she sounded sexy. Sexy in a smart sense. In a start with my mind and fuck me from there kind of sexy. Better than that, she sounded human. Like she meant what she said. Maybe she was a marketing genius but she sounded genuine and real. And Christ did I mention the sexy part?


So I emailed her. She emailed back. I gave up all judgement on my lovely male companion for seeing a SW. He looked like a kid in a candy store when I said that not only could we have a threesome but I was going to f**k the hell out of them both. Eyes just about popped out of his head.


Fast forward to 'date night' and I am nervous as all hell. He is spending more money on this than I spent on my first car. A LOT more. We are about to see a person who f**ks people for money. I haven't been with a woman for ages. What if I've forgotten what to do? How do I make sure my friend enjoys himself (as IF I had to worry about that LOL). I was shaking like a leaf as we knocked on her hotel door. Fumbling words as he gave her a 'nice to see you again' kiss. Then he leaves to have a shower and I feel like I'm swimming in an ocean out of my depth.


Then she looks at me. Really looks at me. Leans over. Kisses me. By the time my friend was out of the shower the only nerves I had were the ones that were electrified all over my body. Now I don't believe in the full 'kiss and tell' and sure we are all human, so there were a few cases of bumping noses and laughing at the odd moments but lets just say that three hours went by in blissful state. And as I was savouring our last few minutes in bed at the end of the booking she said to me:


"You know what? - I think you should do what I do for a living..."



So here I am. Still swimming out of my depth on a blissful, exciting, sometimes choppy ocean on my way to explore new destinations. And loving it so far.


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Wow, you should try writing too :) interesting story!!!

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Thanks guys - I enjoy writing but am under no assumptions that there is an author within. I would LOVE to write some stories of my experiences so far but really respect my clients and would hate for someone to stumble across a story about them. So many out of this world / crazy / funny and deeply touching things. I might ask the odd persons permission to write. 

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Mr Luvver™


Thanks Anya, I think you have quite a talent for the written word, please consider continuing.



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Loved your story. Checked your website and gallery too. :-)

Welcome..I hope all your future clients treat you with respect...

And if you tour please remember us Mexicans..lol

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Thanks Clandestine and LH - setting up my incall in Adelaide next week and in another month or so will consider touring xxxx

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Hey I stumbled upon your story and enjoyed it. Good luck with your new venture.

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sounds hot, did you guys do any tantric breathing synchronisation while performing orgasm denial, if so i am interested in what tantra skills you offer?

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Thanks everyone. WR82 - I make no claims to being a tantric practitioner but I have had quite a few experiences with orgasm denial and building up the gent to a huge crescendo - it is extremely sexy to watch! 

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Very intriguing and interesting story Anya, particularly your presumptions of the sex industry prior. Would you care to expand on your words "About why I thought women did sex work and what I thought I knew about the guys that paid them"  now that you are enlightened?

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TJ - I guess i had never pondered on the actual logistics of sex work much - I guess I figured that the classic media portrayal of the drug dependant or strapped for cash woman doing seedy deeds was probably right. My only contact with someone I knew was a sex worker was a girl from uni, who earned a load of cash but was deeply sad and resorted to alcohol. 


I have always loved sex and seen it as a two way "God meets Goddess" kind of arrangement. Sure, I have no qualms with sex being fun / filthy / dirty but in the end, I respect  my partners and want regard and respect back. 


I now know that there are vast echelons of levels within the sex industry - sure there are those that do it because they are desperate (like ANY other industry) but there are those, like me, who really enjoy what they do. The clients that I see tend do it for the connection. Sure, it may be to experience a particular kink that they cannot explore in their everyday life but more often than not, it is to experience flirtiness, fun, seduction and a connection, be it for an hour, a weekend or on a regular basis. I'm working completely of my own free will and not only am I supporting myself and setting up my future but I really look forward to the dates I have and keep pinching myself that the people I meet can be so amazing. 


I willingly accept that my experience is just my own, and a hundred different SW's will tell a hundred different stories.


As for why people punt - that is not my place to say. Each has their own reason and desires. 


Enlightened I can not claim to be -  but I do feel I am just where I am meant to be. 

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Love the honesty Anya and you have also opened my eyes to how wonderful some WL's can be and changed my stereotypical view of WL's being beautiful but sad and bitter people, now I know there are some of you that are fun, good company, enjoy their work and gorgeous all rolled into one

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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