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Cherry Blossoms - 16/11/07 - Joyce



Originally posted 03 December 2007


In his entertaining account of his recent Mega-punt weekend in Melbourne, Anomaly427 mentioned that I took him on a market research visit to Cherry Blossoms. This was mainly so he could check out TheFatBoy's recommendation of Amber.


QUOTE from Anomaly:

We are shown four very nice ladies. We recall the names of Joyce, a beautiful new girl from Taiwan, and of course, Amber. It was Amber that I had heard so much about.


Amber looked good, but I was VERY impressed with Joyce. She did not look typically Chinese (if there is such a thing). Anomaly and I agreed she is beautiful, but in a most unusual way.


We returned to CBs mid-afternoon on the last day of Anomaly's visit, but discovered both Joyce and Amber were not starting until 6pm. By then, we had to be starting for the airport to ensure Anomaly did not miss his flight back to Sydney. Instead, we backtracked to the Colosseum where Anomaly treated himself to a third session with one of his new favourites.


A week later, I decided that Joyce needed closer inspection. I drove to Cherry Blossoms, arriving soon after 7pm. I had shaved in the car on the way, on the hopeful assumption that DATY will be on the menu.


I entered via the front door and found an intro session already underway. Three guys were seated in the tiny foyer (two western, one asian). The mamasan asked me to stand in the doorway. The first girl to emerge was Joyce, looking even more beautiful than when Anomaly and I met her exactly a week ago. She said hello to the three in the intro foyer, then came over to the doorway to say hello to me. I beckoned her to come closer (so the others could not hear our conversation). I asked if I booked her, can I lick pussy? She did not understand. I touched my tongue and then her pussy. Her eyes lit up with comprehension, she grinned and nodded her head in vigorous agreement.


I went straight to the mamasan and said I wanted to book Joyce for 30 minutes. I wanted to make sure that the other punters did not lock her away first. The mamasan said the other guys have first choice and proceeded to run out another few ladies. All were OK, but nothing spectacular. At this point another four Asian guys entered via the back door. The place was getting uncomfortably crowded. The mamasan asked the first group of guys who they wanted to book. They started on a complex round of discussions amongst themselves, so the mamasan immediately interjected and said, "Another customer wants to book Joyce." They seemed to give no real reaction, so she quickly called "Booking for Joyce" (but many decibels quieter than Yim at the MC). Thank god for impatient mamasans. She took me to a pokey room at the back, and told me to pay Joyce.


Joyce quickly followed, entering the room with a big happy smile. I asked her how much for a 30 minute booking. She surprised me by not being able to respond in English – she wrote the figures 1, 3 & 0 using her finger on the mirror. I gave her $150 cash, and showered while she went away to get $20 change. She was back before I finished the shower with the change, a paper cup of water and more towels. As I emerged from the shower, Joyce handed me a towel and started to dry me with another towel. She giggled a lot when we clashed several times trying to dry the same bits.


When dry, I sat on the edge of the bed. Joyce slipped off her shoes and removed her sexy shorts in one movement, leaving her naked from the waist down, but still wearing a short halter top and sexy white striped bra. I always find it very erotic for ladies to undress in this order, but I was surprised to find Joyce has an untrimmed bush, rather than my favourite shaved pussy, or small landing strip. Joyce then quickly took off her top and bra, revealing enhanced breasts. Thankfully, they are well sized to her petite figure, and seem to be a good job. They are reasonably soft and well shaped. Her nipples are small and their colour matches closely her skin tone, unlike the dark brown nipples I am used to with my favourite Thai ladies. In the past, I have often found that ladies with enhanced breasts experience desensitized nipples, but as soon as I touched Joyce's breasts and nipples, there was an immediate and noticeable degree of erection (from both of us).


Before describing the action, I will describe Joyce and summarise what I learned about her during the session. Her English is minimal, but the chemistry was there and a definite connection. We managed to communicate slowly and carefully, with lots of giggling at each successful exchange. She is 22 years old and has just arrived from Taiwan. I told her that 20 years ago I visited Taiwan. I was in Taipei and Kaoshiung. She indicated correctly that Koashiung is in the far south of the island. I said there were many beautiful women in Taipei, but none as beautiful as her! She said I have a very sweet mouth and kissed me tenderly. When Anomaly and I met her a week ago, it was her first day at Cherry Blossoms. She has a very beautiful face, but very different from any Chinese girl I have ever met. I would estimate she is just over 5ft tall and weighs no more than 45kg. She is slim, with a small tight sexy bum and not a sign of any excess weight anywhere.


Her pussy lips are very dark, and when she opens them she reveals bright pink inside in stark contrast. While unshaved, her bush is not a jungle like some Asian ladies. I stroked the hair and carefully explained to her that most Asian men like this, but many Western men like shaved. She indicated she understood by contrasting her pubic hair with the silky smooth skin of her upper legs. She asked me which I like better. When I indicated the smooth skin near her pussy, she said with a big smile, "I do this?" and indicated a shaving motion through her pussy hair! I gave her a thumbs up and a big grin, nodding my head in agreement. She laughed and gave me a big cuddle.


I lay back on the bed and she climbed all over me, immediately breaking into an unrestrained kissing session. Very nice surprise! We kissed and caressed for a short time, then I said I want to look closer at her pussy. She understood what I meant without any problem. She reclined on the bed and spread her legs to give me a good view. She began to gently caress her pussy lips, then teasingly opened them to reveal more of the bright pink inside. She slowly stroked inside her lips, from top to bottom, intently watching my face, which was positioned perfectly for a close-up view. She was obviously pleased with the look of rapture on my face, and I was equally pleased to see her pussy was rapidly becoming very moist.


For several minutes, I resisted the impulse to dive in head first, but, finally I had to join in. I teasingly licked her fingers while she continued to touch herself, but she quickly removed her hand and pulled my head closer to force me to lick her. I gave her my best oral attention for a few minutes. The pubic hair felt different, but not a big turn off. She certainly seemed to be enjoying it, and I quickly became fully erect. She was laying on her back, legs spread, with me kneeling over her, burying my head in her pussy. I moved around so she had access to my dick – she immediately began playing with it with both hands. But very soon she interrupted me and with unmistakable sign language asked if she could take my dick in her mouth. I nodded enthusiastically, and she immediately started a very enjoyable BBBJ. I watched this with great appreciation for a few moments, then went back to more pussy licking.


This position was uncomfortable, so I thought, "Time to get serious" I indicated by more sign language that we should try 69. She understood immediately. I positioned myself on my back while she swung smoothly on top and dropped her pussy accurately on my face. She has certainly done that before. The next few minutes were a combination of concentrating on giving her my best efforts in trying to make her cum, while trying to avoid cumming too soon myself. I really enjoy BBBJ 69 and have no great difficulty cumming this way. Even my tentative exploration of licking her anus and perineum brought a strongly positive reaction from Joyce, inducing even more vigorous sucking at the other end, making it yet more difficult for me to resist cumming.


But after a while in this delightful position, I decided I wanted to squeeze in at least some dick in pussy action, so I indicated to her again what I wanted. This is when it all went downhill in a rush. Joyce's attempts to put a condom onto my still erect dick were not so skilled, and within moments my proud erection was wilting fast. She was very concerned with this and tried with a second condom. By the time that was on, my dick was in no condition to achieve any effective penetration, despite Joyce's willing efforts. Soon I gave up, realising from bitter past experience that the harder I try to get hard, the more impossible it will be, especially with the added pressure of the clock now running against me.


I took off the condom, and Joyce immediately began to give me another BBBJ in the hope of making me fully hard again, having seen the earlier proof that this was possible. But still to no avail. I lay on my back and by more sign language, suggested to Joyce that an oiled HJ was the only hope left in the short time remaining. Once again, she understood immediately and set to the task. Once she was underway, I had a spark of genius and gently urged her to swing her pussy back onto my face. This had immediate impact and although the buzzer soon sounded to signal the end of the session, I was able to get hard, get inspired by her wet pussy and get over the edge, thanks to her vigorous HJ. The intensity of my orgasm and the volume of cum were both pretty uninspiring, but we were both happy that I got there.


I headed for the shower and was very happy to find her crowding into the shower with me. She tenderly soaped me up and washed me from head to toes, including a very sexy full body rub from behind while she washed my back and shoulders. She then seemed very surprised and happy when I took the trouble of helping her wash her body (especially her boobs and bum). Once again, she helped dry me and we quickly dressed. She handed me my watch and my $20 change, which I indicated she should keep.


I had timed the start of the session to check if I got a full 30 minutes, but I totally forgot to check the time at the end.


Will I go back again? I think I probably will, in due course. Joyce is a very beautiful, sexy and warm person. I should not give up when the performance failure was entirely mine.


PS - an update on Cherry blossom's price structure:


30 minutes, daytime before 5pm $120, nights $130

45 minutes, daytime before 5pm $180, nights $195

60 minutes, daytime before 5pm $225, nights $260


I consider these prices not too competitive, considering the very basic quality of the rooms. The prices at the MC, particularly the daytime discounts, offer far better value. But the ladies look promising, so I recommend it is worth a visit.




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