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394 Maitland rd Mayfield - RnT Newcastle



Checked this place out the other day...I'd heard good things so I was looking forward to it as I made the trek over to Mayfield.


I was greeted at the door by a saggy, not really attractive Asian woman in her late 40s/early 50s, who led me to a room and asked me how long I wanted. I said half an hour, and she said $40. I asked about any extras and she said depends what you want, pay $40 now, decide later. Sounded fine to me.


She took my money, told me to undress, then disappeared for 10 minutes. I was sorta kinda expecting a nice young cute thing to come back, but no it was the old duck.


She started massaging me and it was a great massage. She was working the knots out nice and firmly, and definitely knew what she was doing.


Ahhhh, I get it! It's obviously a switcheroo! The cute young nude thing with the big boobs will come in after I get the good massage and ask about extras and finish me off! Everyone specialising at what they're good at!


Yep, nup.


The old duck finished the massage and got a bucket with hot water mixed with what smelled like Aldi dishwashing liquid and wiped me down. She asked me to turn over and said $20 for a hand job, an extra $20 if she got nude, or $50 for "sucky suck" and nude with HJ. Not wanting to dig myself in too much deeper financially, I just picked the $20 HJ. Out came the squirt bottle of oil, and she went to work with a firm and varied technique, whilst I closed my eyes and tried really hard to imagine it was Lucy Liu stroking me.


I got it stuck in my mind that I would have been better off having a pull at home whilst imagining it was Lucy Liu and still having money for a pizza and a carton of beer afterwards, so I was really struggling to get anywhere near cumming. She started up with the "Oh yeah, oh yeah, you come now.". And repeat. Over and over again.


After a few more minutes she said "You close come yet? You must come now, time almost up.". So I took matters into my own hands and finished up.


Can't say it was an overly enjoyable experience. I'd probably rate it a 4/10.


Really feel like a few beers and pizza now, and might see if Charlie's Angels is on Netflix.

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Will avoid it like the plague. Mind you I'm not the least bit interested in Rub & Tug. For me it's full service or nothing

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