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From: payment



...sex is basic human need like water or oxygen.

No it isn't. It's a primal urge for sure but Mrs Palmer suffices well enough as required. Or commercial options.


A lot of this resentment about not getting unpaid NSA sex appears to be coming from younger guys. I'm wondering if this is a by product of the over hyped modern hookup culture. When I was teenager back in the Stone Age my mates dad reckoned the general rule for sexual activity among the younguns in his day was a third do, a third say they do and a third don't. And he reckoned that despite the advent of the so called permissive society things hadn't changed much. Forty years on I reckon he's still right.


Sorry boys, but most of you are gonna have to schlep along as best you can and hope some lass will eventually take you on as a long term project. So brush your teeth and polish your manners


Id say we are about the same age,my disposable income can't be as much as yours though.



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