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Waratah Asian Massage - Station st Waratah



Saw them advertised in the Newcastle Herald, so decided to give them a call. $40 for half hour massage, plus $20 for the happy ending. They said they had 3 girls ready to go, so I jumped in the car and went over there.


When I got there the woman who answered the door was around 35 or 40ish and not the cute Asian crumpet I had envisioned...she was not the best looking sort but she had a cute body, and said she was the only girl available so I said ok. She took me to a room with a big sliding door, but gaps between the walls and the ceiling like a big toilet cubicle.


She started massaging me and after 10mins I heard the front door slide open. She ducked out to answer the customer, and I heard every word they said. He asked the price, she told him the 40/20 deal, he said yeah the extra 20 sounds great, and she told him she'd be another 20 mins and took him to wait in the room beside me.


She came back and started massaging me again, then asked me to roll over. She starting mechanically pumping me saying "yes yes, oh yes" over and over. I started fingering her, which she was ok with (very tight and dry) and then moved my hands up to her boobs (fake, an handful, very firm). She said no no no to any boob action, but her pussy was open for business. She kept pumping and pumping and pumping and I kept fingering.


I then heard the guy in the next room cough, get a magazine, and start turning the pages. The pressure was on. She was pumping and still trotting out her "yes yes oh yes" over and over, the guy kept flicking thru the pages of New Ideas, and I kept trying to focus on the job at hand.


Wasn't going to happen, so eventually I gave the universal sign for a bj (she gave the universal sign for someone just put vegemite in my mouth so that was a no go). So I took matters into my own hands to knock the top off and get out of there.


When I was done she cleans me up, I put on my gear and scarpered, only giving a cursory look at the kids playing on the other side of the fence in the child care centre across the road.


So yeah, not an entirely successful rub n tug.

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I must have had the same lady Powderkeg.  Pussy was okay but the boobs were a no go.  Not the worst massage I have had, but by far not the best one either.

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