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The Main Course - 22/07/07 - April



Originally posted 22 July 2007 - 07:02 PM


Last night my mind was working actively on thoughts of seeking to distract myself by booking another Asian lady. But who and where :huh:


While I pondered this dilemma (and tried to watch the Tour de France on SBS), littlerooter sent to me a PM suggesting the solution - book April at the The Main Course as a guaranteed distraction. He followed up today with a second PM confirming April is at work. He suggested that I phone ahead to make a booking, and to remind her to bring her new PFM high heel shoes to the room.


In more than 30 years of punting, I have NEVER booked a WL sight unseen - the ultimate blind date! I have read all eleven of April's reviews at The Main Course, including four by littlerooter. Amazing stuff. So I decided to trust LR's experience and go for it!


I phoned to make a 30-minute booking and the receptionist said booking ahead for April is very sensible as she is always busy on Sundays. I rolled up five minutes before the appointed time and waited in the lounge, with a twinge of nervousness.


I must try to follow LRs pattern of being brutally honest in his reviews. I admit that I have for a long time been nervous on the first booking of a new WL in case my dick presents me with a case of perfomance anxiety, or stage fright. There is nothing more embarassing than having a sexy new WL trying to breathe life into a wilting dick.


Fortunately, April came downstairs from her booking before I could ponder too long on this potential problem. As she took me upstairs to the room, she expressed surprise that I made a phone booking for her when we had never met before. I briefly explained the background and told her of LR's strong recommendations. She laughed and assured me that she won't let LR or me down!


Following LR's explicit advice, I discussed with April in detail that I was not seeking the Golden Shower service that he and other reviewers have so explicitly described. She laughed and said I am not such a naughty boy as them!


After I showered, April came back to the room wearing the high-heeled PFM shoes so well described by LR. The sight of her in these shoes and nothing else is every bit as spectacular as LR suggested!


Without going in to full detail, April began with a highly expert BBBJ, which soon eased my anxiety about any stage fright problems. When she swung around into 69, I made a mental note to acknowledge LR's accurate description of April's very sexy pussy and bum.


I soon had to encourage her to switch to (covered) dick in pussy action, to avoid the imminent danger of cumming too soon due to April's devasting oral technique. But after only a few minutes of cowgirl then missionary sex, I gave into the urge to get back to the promised oral climax.


Despite her incredible expertise, I felt I was building up only slowly to the inevitable explosion. I am very glad that I had read in detail from LR's reviews that April has the amazing ability to continue oral action for as long as it takes. Otherwise I would no doubt have stopped out of worry for her well being! But she succeeded in pushing me over the top to a mind-blowing orgasm.


Surprisingly, we still had time left in the 30 minute session, so April gave me a very skillful and relaxing massage, which helped me recover enough strength to walk down the stairs at the end.


Thank you littlerooter. Everything you posted about April is 100% accurate.


And the outcome was most therapeutic for me.




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