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An ode to PAWG (and women’s bodies in general)



PART I – PAWG (Phat ass white girls)

I have always loved voluptuous women size 14-18. My ideal is big thighs, big bum, slimish waist and generous boobs all while being firm and athletic. I am not a chubby chaser but will put up with wobbly bits as the price for generous proportions. Pre internet my tastes were not catered for. I was thoroughly bored with size 8 25yo blonds – the standard porn fare. Now with Tumblr and twitter my day is deliciously distracted by a stream of big beautiful women. Life has never been so good.


PART II - perving

Why are we so fascinated by the female form? I could never get tired of looking. Reason for putting up with a crap job = the rather attractive female colleague. Reason for going to the supermarket = perve at the yummy mummies. Reason for going to the gym – well that’s obvious. My wife can’t understand why I enjoy reading her Ezybuy catalogue so much. I don’t see any point to having sex in dim light – visual stimulation is the main enjoyment. OK I’m sounding like a creepy pervert - there is a fine line between admiration and leering, I try to be unobtrusive but I wonder if it is obvious. If you are uncomfortable with being admired I apologise, I can’t help it.


Possibly men like to look because in evolutionary terms – males are interested in form and have a better spatial awareness because they are hunters and inseminators. Females more interested in ideas and social cohesion because they look after the clan back at camp. As well as the form of a fertile woman, I love the form of the land and nature, I love built form. Admittedly my social skills are a little deficient.


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Bigger women have been popular for way longer than modern porn. It's only recently women were required to show their ribs to be considered healthy or beautiful.


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I'm a PAWS fan too. Also love booty arses on any nationality! Drives me insane. Like you, I prefer a slim'ish waist. Dangerous curves drive me crazy!!

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