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BKK and Pattaya Review - 2006 visits by Steelmaster




Originally posted 27 July 2007


This posting has been prompted by a request for information by a FIA member planning a trip to Thailand. I just checked out the Thailand section of the FIA International reviews, and was very surprised to discover only three reviews posted since the middle of last year.


I notched up up seven Thailand trips in 2005 and 2006, with another one planned for later this year. Most of my time was spent in Bangkok and Pattaya, so I am VERY familiar with the bar scene in these areas.


My latest two trip were 17 days in Bangkok and Pattaya in April last year, followed by three weeks in July/August last year.


While it is not hot-off-the-press, the following notes provide a reasonable outline on the very popular bar scene in both cities, as it was a year ago.


By mid-2006, the bar scene in BKK and Pattaya had changed in a big way compared to what I saw in my previous five trips in 2004/2005.


For several years up to early 2006, the Go-Go bars in BKK, Pattaya, Phuket, etc. had been tightly policed, compared to the old free-wheeling days. Closing at 1am was mandatory and the girls on-stage had to wear bikinis or lingerie. The main exceptions to this were some of the upstairs bars in the famous Patpong area of BKK, which have the notorious ping-pong sex shows. These bars have always seemed to get away with full nudity and explicit shows, but even in Patpong, the downstairs go-go bars had to comform to the same rules as the bars in Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. On occasions, some individual bars like Suzie Wong in Soi Cowboy put on explicit full nudity lesbian shows late at night, but even this was sporadic, depending on the level of local policing and payoffs.


But now it is all very different! Maybe it coincided with the exit of Prime Minister Taksin early in April 2006, but there has been a very noticeable relaxation of the rules. I was amazed at the difference compared to my earlier visits.


Soi Nana & Soi Cowboy


These two bar complexes are located in downtown BKK, off Sukhumvit Rd. Most of the go-go bars in Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy were now closing at 2am or later, and most (but not all) have been bending the rules re bikinis or lingerie.


Soi Nana has three levels of bars, ranging from very good to very dodgy. My favourite is Rainbow 4 on the first floor - it is the biggest, but has the best lineup of beautiful girls, up to 250 working each night! I suggest you start here to see the benchmark of top quality, but here they are still wearing bikinis.


There are many other Nana bars worth checking out, but two I recommend are Angle Witch and AfterSkool.


Angle Witch used to be on the first floor, but I have not been in there for 2 years. Read my notes below on the Angle Witch in Pattaya. It is possible that the original Nana Angle Witch might have upgraded to even more impressive shows than those I saw 2 years ago.


AfterSkool is up on the next floor (level 2 by Oz counting, level 3 by US and Thai numbering). As you enter the Nana Plaza area from the street, there is a set of steep steps on the left to the first floor, then more steps up to the next level. AfterSkool is at the top of the steps. It is a two-level bar, with a glass floor in between . AfterSkool's main claim to fame is the line-up of very young girls (17? upwards), who were dancing mainly topless, with occasional bursts of full nudity.


The are not as many bars in the Soi Cowboy complex, but it is well worth a visit. My two favourites are Baccara (but go upstairs), and Suzie Wong. I think the Baccara girls are usually the best in Soi Cowboy, but Suzie Wong has some good ones as well.


At Soi Cowboy, the dancers downstairs in the Baccara bar were still dancing in bikinis, but upstairs , the most beautiful Baccara girls dance six at a time on the glass floor. The Japanese customers love to sit downstairs to enjoy the upskirts view from below the glass floor. In the past, the girls upstairs dressed in schoolgirl uniforms with short skirts and no knickers. Now the pattern is for two teams of girls alternating every 15 minutes or so. The first team still dances in the school uniforms. When the second team takes over, the uniforms disappear in the first minutes and the girls dance stark naked for the rest of the session.


Across the road at Suzie Wong bar, most of the girls were dancing topless, with lots of naked pussy teasingly on display behind sexy lingerie. The lesbian shows are now performed every hour, with two pairs of girls on stage. The sex is totally explicit, with nothing simulated. It is quite an experience to sit right at the stage with two sexy Thai girls sticking tongues deep into each other's pussies just inches in front of you.


The prices to book a girl at Rainbow 4 and Baccara are premium level: bar fine paid to the bar is 600 baht, short-time booking (2 hours) is 2000 baht to the girl, and long-time (overnight booking) is 4000 baht. Some other shops are less, down to a minimum of 500 baht for the barfine, 1500 baht short-time and 2500 long-time.


To put this all in perspective, an all-night booking, including bar fine, will cost you only $100 to $180 - so don't haggle over the price, and be generous with a tip at the end if the girl was good. An extra 500 baht ($20) will be highly appreciated.


I suggest you do the rounds of the bars starting early (by about 8pm) so you can finish the rounds and choose a girl by no later than 10 or 11pm. Anything later risks missing out on the best girls who will already be booked for the night. If you see something too good to lose early in the evening, book her for the night and take her with you to look at other bars. Most girls enjoy the opportunity to become a "customer" for the evening and visit other bars with you. This also gives you the opportunity to book a second girl if you find something else outstanding (but make sure the first one you book is comfortable with this).





The beach resort of Pattaya is about 2 hours south of BKK. Here the relaxation of the rules is even more evident. The huge concentration of bars along Walking Street and the many sois (side streets) have pushed the envelope even further. The Peppermint bar is one of the biggest on Walking Street. It has many attractive girls, with most of them now dancing topless or fully naked. Closing time is typically 2am or later, but one night the police kicked everyone out of all the bars at 1am, apparantly just to show they can. The next night it was back to much later closing.


A new bar has recently opened in one of the sois off Walking Street. It is called Angel Witch, and is on a much bigger and more exotic scale than the original Angel Witch bar in Soi Nana in BKK. The original Angel Witch was notable as it always put on choreographed dance routines and stage presentations. These were entertaining, but not necessarily up to the top quality erotic review shows in Paris and London. But the Pattaya Angel Witch is of a much higher standard. The girls are all stunning, the choreography outstanding, and the erotic content ranges from titllating to sometimes fully explicit. And the girls are obviously enjoying the performances and having fun. I highly recommend it.


At the other end of the scale, there are several Go-go bars which feature soapy performances. One has a spa bath at the rear of the bar with two or three totally naked girls rolling around in soapy water and massaging each other with the soap suds. Customers who tip generously might get to lend a helping hand with the soapy massage.


But my favourite was the X-Zone bar in one of the sois off Walking Street. This is an upstairs bar with several stages filled with attractive girls dancing topless or almost naked. At the rear of the bar is a large round table, maybe 3 metres in diameter. Three girls are on this stage, totally naked, pouring soapy water over themselves from small jugs. There are about 10 seats around the table for tipping customers. Each girl has a glass on the stage to hold her tips. The ciustomers get to massage the girls accoring to the tips given.


I visited X-Zone with my Thai girlfriend and several other male and female friends, some of whom are Pattaya residents. My girlfriend immediately went to the soapy stage, started talking to the most attractive of the three girls, popped a small tip into her tipping glass and immediately began very sensuously massaging her breasts. Soon my girl was caressing the dancer's pussy and they began tongue kissing. The dancer moved to the edge of the stage so my girl had better access to her pussy, my girlfriend poured some of my beer onto the dancer's pussy to wash away the soap, then she went down on her and began eating pussy, much to the dancer's delight!


Needless to say, the other male customers sitting around the stage were dumbfounded. All were fixed to their seats with expressions of total disbelief. While this was underway, an almost naked dancer who had been on the stage behind us pushed in between my girlfriend and me, and began caressing my girlfriend's body from behind. This quickly distracted my girl from the action on the table. She began to kiss and cuddle the new dancer, and was soon licking her nipples. I brought my girl's attention to the almost naked bum of the new girl, commenting on how beautiful, round and firm it was. My girl caressed and squeezed the bum, agreeing with me as to the quality. Next I slipped my hand from the dancer's bum and ran my fingers between her legs. I was surprised to discover that her naked pussy was already very wet. When I drew my girl's attention to this discovery, she immediately began playing with this new pussy, and then sat her new playmate on the edge of the stage and began eating her pussy. The new playmate reacted with even greater enthusiasm than the original naked dancer. She told us later that she had been watching the action from the next stage and was so turned on she had to come and join in. She said she was hooked by my girlfriend's beautiful smile and her completely open manner.


The action at the edge of the stage between my girlfriend and the second dancer continued for almost another hour. I was very pleased that on several occasions my girl asked me to share in the pleasure of eating the dancer's sweet pussy. Needless to say, I agreed with these invitations without delay. At one stage the mamma-san approached us and I assumed she intended to shut us down. To my surprise, she complimented my girlfriend on the entertainment she was providing and told her to go for it. She even suggested she should pay us to come back every night and repeat the performance. She told me that if the management got word of any impending police visit she would get word to me to stop the action immediately.


This posting is already too long, so I won't go into all the details of the session, but the highlights were lots of eating pussy and sucking nipples, fucking the dancer's pussy deeply with one, then two and finally three fingers, and most amazing of all, fucking the dancer's pussy with a long-necked Singha beer stubby!


The other male customers at the table included an elderly Indian gentleman, an American and a Swede. All of these separately told me they had never seen anything so erotic in a "public" bar anywhere in the world. The Indian guy in particular was astounded. He sat in the chair next to my girlfriend for the entire hour almost dumbfounded - his mouth was wide open in shock and his eyes were as big as dinner plates. I must agree it went far beyond anything I have ever seen before. It makes the standard entertaininment at places like the Mens Gallery in Sydney and Melbourne seem very tame.


We returned to the X-Zone club several times over the next few days, but for shorter visits. Each time, my girlfriend repeated the performance in smaller doses with both of the dancers she had played with on the first night.


So, in summary, Thailand nightlife has just become a lot more entertaining. Sooner or later I am sure the authorities will crack down again and make it more boring, but hopefully not too soon!


Maybe some FIA members have checked out the bar scene in BKK this year and can share a more recent update with us?






Posted 27 July 2007


Now I can provide an update to my own posting:-


Today I spoke to a close friend who visited BKK twice since my visits last year. He was there most recently about 3 months ago.


He said the price ranges I quoted above are definitely still current. The liberalisation of closing times and the rules about wearing bikinis or lingerie has been tightened a little. He confirmed you can still find late closing, as well as topless and full nudity if you ask the right questions.


But later today he put me in contact with a friend of his who came back from Pattaya only a few weeks ago. The bad news is that the police have begun a new round of imposing the tight rules re 1pm closing times, and restricting the full nude shows. Nevertheless, some gogo bars are stil gettiing away with more than their neighbours, perhaps by paying higher "considerations" to the local authorities.


The rumours suggest that the entire Soi Cowboy complex in BKK will be closed permanently by the end of this year, but Soi Nana is considered "safe" from this fate.


It looks like the traditional Thai cycle of tighter and looser restrictions continues.






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