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Photography today is wonderful. Smart phones can produce wonderful photos and cameras costing thousands of dollars with the right lighting and use of processing can produce outstanding photos. All successful individuals or business in the sex industry have an online presence. Professional photos taken by an experienced photographer will make a person look the best version of herself. Amateur photos via a smartphone will produce good results but a more true to life version.


Now how does this relate to the sex industry? Well, when advertising online the sex worker has to decide if she wants to be “out and proud” or to what degree to blur her face/identity using professional (advertising photos) and amateur photography (social media).


I understand some sex workers blur their face because an air of mystery is created or to protect their identity against future jobs or loved ones. There is nothing wrong with this and all sex workers use a fake something - either a fake name, flattering age, different nationality, marital status, hobbies etc. I however have started to peel down these layers of fakeness, because I find it easier to accept myself as a sex worker and be as least ‘fake’ as possible.


The most important reason why I show my face is because I want to turn up to your door and be what you expected (and more). By partly showing some of my face it can produce a very flattering photo, but the punter builds up an idea about what the rest of my face looks like. It can be confusing when you are trying to meet in the lobby and also I don’t want the punter to be disappointed.


I do however have concerns for my future, as sex work is lucrative but leaves a big gap on your resume. Furthermore unless you have an accepting partner who is very strong to ignore the stigma of sex worker from his family and friends, it is hard to date in the present.


There have been huge improvements in terms of society’s acceptance of sex work but unfortunately it’s always easier to be the faceless punter than provider. I have seen more sex workers who are ‘out and proud’ taking part in media appearances and showing sex work as it is – work. However society still thinks sex work is somehow cheating sexually but also economically.


If you follow Buddhist mindfulness principles – which simply say to accept the situation as it is, I see no need to hide my face. It has made myself more accepting of myself, my situation and my life is ultimately happier. Win-win.


I however still have it in the back of the mind that I might be ‘recognized’ when entering a hotel, on a dinner date or out and about. This could happen, but it hasn’t happened, or people haven’t brought it to my attention. However studies have shown a 2D photo is different than a person in the flesh with a voice, facial expressions etc. I hope by mixing professional photos on my website/advertising and amateur photos on my Twitter, I can be as true to life as possible.


So why worry about things that haven’t happened – what will worrying achieve!


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I understand why those who do hide their faces do so. As you can see from my avatar I do it myself. It's another reason why I only punt late at night under the cover of darkness

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Not very gallant, but the girls face is only a part of the reason he decides to see her. Ooops.


One of the reasons I like brothel intros is I get to choose a lady based on her personality more than the shape of her face.


That said, I am extremely vulnerable to beautiful woman, and I tend to overlook dozens of minor niggles and concerns about their range of services.


I suspect a lady needs to bring the facial beauty if she wants to charge a lot per hour, and she needs to display that beauty in the advertising for the system to work properly. So perhaps it's only when the price is high but the face is hidden that uncertainty causes problems.


Dunno. I'll give it more thought.

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Emma, when this punter meets some one for the first time,even if I have never seen their face, the way you look physically rarely ends up being the main reason for enjoyment or satisfaction of the session together. Nor will it be the reason for my return visits but I'm sure you already know that.

I most certainly agree that it's always easier to be the faceless punter but for that privilege we pay with our hard earned, for which isn't always easier to come by.

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