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Five minutes ago I said I don't watch porn or understand it but I do make an exception for amateur cuckold or breeding porn. Oh how I love this.


I don't know where this fascination with cuckold porn came from or how long ago it was but my love for it only continues to intensify. I love it beyond comprehension. It's more than just something to wank to, it's a lifestyle I wish I could be part of and it breaks my heart that I never will.


I guess that on a subconscious level the interest in this lifestyle is merely insecurity and lack of self esteem coming to the fore, but who cards because this shit is awesome. I've found a few websites and hidy holes of cuckold communities but they're pretty much all for people who are partnered up so there's no point in me being apart of them.


I read on a website dedicated to updating their cuckold experiences about a cuckold who ended up having his wife fall pregnant, twice, to her bull boyfriend and the cuckold raised the children with her. I believe there what the original meaning of cuckold is too. I think that situation is too extreme and not something I would want to be part of but it was fascinating to read how far some people will take it.


I would definitely have my clit locked in a chastity device though that would be awesome. I wonder how they go to the toilet with one of those on their dick? Maybe once a year my (hypothetical for story telling purposes) wife would unlock me to laugh and my clit and compare our clit sizes ?


I've actually considered locking myself up anyway and then going out to the beach and paying the most beautiful girl I can find something like $1000 to take my key and do whatever she wants with it. That would be the best humiliation I could achieve sadly.


I think that the woman's sexual pleasure is important which is something I can't provide and at least in my world she should be allowed to be out fucking Bulls that can please her. It's how I would do things anyway. Let real men please her and I can do everything else. The absolute most I would be allowed to do is lick her after her boyfriend has finished inside of her. Not even allowed to see her naked.


I love it, it's awesome to think about. Too bad it'll never eventuate hey


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Josefina Cortés


I love cuckolding.  Feel free to DM the site links you have found for it that are good!   Besos, Josefina xo

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Your message intrigues me greatly. There is something about cuckold that just gets me to my core.

Although I must admit I had to google "breeding".


Tell me more about your 3 favourite fantasies, and perhaps we could make one of them a reality....just an idea. No harm no foul if it doesn't work out. Alana x 

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The pregnancy thing is more common than you think. I read about a situation in the US where a dominant women was married to a senior Executive (the cuck); he worked hard and handed over all his money to keep her and her Black Bull boyfriend in a lavish lifestyle. They slept in the main bedroom, him in one of the child rooms. His only sexual activity was 'fluffing' the Bull, or her using him as a toilet, while he masturbated. She had two children to the Bull.

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