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Anal sex preparation



I was reading a post where a chap asked if it was worth paying $100 extra for anal. I am surprised it's so cheap as an extra, as the preparation is really intense.


Yesterday I had sexy time planned and knew anal would play a big part. I had a light breakfast and then 3 hours later gave myself two large enemas (a litre of water in each), then fasted. My bottom was so clean that following a mammoth sploshing session with chocolate, Nutella and whipped cream, I was able to shoot the contents of my bottom into my guy's mouth and then happily swallow the leftovers after he'd consumed his share. Would I do this if my bottom wasn't as clean as a dinner plate fresh out of the dishwasher? Absolutely no f****** way.


So, back to the $100 extra for anal. I have to wonder if these WLs take their preparation to the extent I do (I assume they won't be eating the contents of their arses), or if it's a case of a 10 min quick douche an hour before a client arrives?


If anyone knows what the deal is, do tell. Curious minds want to know.


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I think you are exceptional when it comes to prepping from the sound of it. You are right to say that a little more consideration is needed. The picture you pained is incredibly sexy by the way.

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Well I've had this conversation with several people that give and receive anal, but the majority of them have been TS sex workers – so I really have no idea what most of them actually do to prepare, as opposed to what they told me they do to prepare etc. With that said I can offer the following amusing and slightly gross anecdotes.


One worker says she has an anal douche every morning and doesn't eat much during the day. Apparently the digestive tract continuously leaks waste into the pipe - but it can be slowed a bit by not eating while she is working, or by only having very light meals throughout the day.


Another TS worker I was seeing said she needs to fast to be skinny (or she looks too big and can't pass as a femme). I spent some time with her off the clock and discovered that fasting really means using smokes as a food substitute for the whole day, and using breath mints etc before each customer becomes essential prep. I have to say though that her bum was always very clean – probably because most of the traffic was cock instead of anything from the gut.


One TS I see has a routine and if I see her in the morning before she has completed her morning routine she lets me know. We do 'outer-course' in these cases and she tries to finish me with her hand or her mouth. So not anal cleaning, but a deliberate choice to avoid anal because it has not been prepared.


* * *


Some slightly off topic observations and a bit gross personal opinions of mine.


I read years ago about military pilots that would have 'low residue' meals since they would be in the air for several hours and couldn't evacuate their bowels efficiently while aloft. They would basically have steak and eggs with no carbs etc before they went up because those foods tend to bind together in the body and take a longer to pass through. If I'm planning to receive anal I'll do something similar. I'll either fast or make meal choices for foods that bind in the body like red meat, eggs, cheese etc.


However another thing I've noticed is that if I'm very constipated the pressure building up on my prostate can make me very horny in the bum the receive a cock. This is probably the absolute worst time for me to go and receive anal because the bowel pressure that is making me horny also stops the fucking feeling very nice once we get right down to it. More than once I've felt myself longing for some back-door action and then found myself on Backpage looking for likely candidates, I've watched a bit of TS porn to get in the mood…


...and then realised it's time to 'drop the kids off at the pool'. Afterwards my desire to be a Bottom has disappeared entirely, although me desire to see a TS tends to persist :D


* * *


I watched a YouTube thing about fasting and then using Enemas years ago which made the point about not over-filling the colon during the Enema, or it would cause the digestion to re-awake and produce waste at a faster rate again. I have absolutely no idea about this one and would like a suitable qualified medical person to give an opinion.

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I don't see the point of fasting in the morning as yesterday's food will be coming out.

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@Blakes - I've come across all of that other than not overfilling the colon as it causes the digestive tract to reawake. Interesting. Yes, eating constipation animal products makes things easier for my meat-eating, anal receiving friends. It's one of the reasons I have to enema so thoroughly; a diet of mainly veggies, pulses and beans has the opposite of a constipating effect!


@Emma, yes, in the morning you will be passing waste from the previous evening, but if you fast from breakfast, enema by 4pm, your arse should be clean, dry and ready for action by 6pm. That's how it works for me, but I suspect our diets are quite different, so your body could be quite different.

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Simoneeveryone's bodies are different and meat products often don't cause issues with people. Some people are really regular and some aren't.


I know my body and fasting won't help. Nothing worse than a grumpy hooker who hadn't eaten tbh.


I rarely do anal anyway haha.

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Totally agree being grumpy is no good! I struggle with bad moods if I haven't eaten too. If it wasn't for the fasting / douching I'd have anal sex everyday.

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I know Abagail has a very stringent process of preparing for Anal.  Which is one of the reasons she is selective on her clients.  It would very annoying for her to go through and get prepped, and then have a no show. 

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