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Flash Gordon



We've probably heard in the media recently these stories of Queensland State MP Billy Gordon's alleged behaviour.


But just wanted to have a lighter take on it. In case you're wondering I'm referring to the allegations of him sending pictures of his local member to women he hardly know. Makes you wonder what posesses him to do this. Firstly I should declare that I I'm not throwing stones here cause it's the old notion of glass houses.


But back when I was getting up to it, it was a young lady I was "trying to woo" and we got to a point where we were feeling comfortable with things. For the record she reciprocated. Let's face it it was a case of it started out as a cybersex encounter that kind of snowballed. To the point where I wanted to go all the way with her (and not just in a sexual sense, I'm talking wanting her to be the mother of my children)


I suppose what I'm getting as is trying to get into the head of a bloke and why they would send via MMS these sort of photos. I wouldn't dream of sending pics of old mate to a woman I hardly know.


He should now be nicknamed Flash Gordon.


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Good point Flash, a rlationship that goes sour can leave one exposed to all kinds of things. Best not to go there in the first place. A bit concerning to hear Wyatt Roy MP boasting that he along with other politicians uses Snapchat and some other secure apps ... Makes you wonder...

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