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Asian Star - 24/06/07 - Candy



Subtitle: Don't always believe customer complaints!

Originally posted 25 June 2007.


I have been active on FIA since February this year, but have not been punting at all during that time, until last weekend. As this is my first review posted on FIA, I hope I will be forgiven if some of you find my story too long.


I grew up in Newcastle, but moved to Melbourne more than two decades ago. As far as I know, there were no legal brothels in the Newcastle area when I lived there. My early punting experiences always necessitated a 160km trip to Sydney. Like many young men in NSW, I had my first experience with WLs in Kings Cross.


Last weekend I was planing to visit the Newcastle area and made myself a commitment to investigate the Asian WL scene in the area. Extensive research in the FIA forums and some useful PM discussion with local expert ian80au indicated that there is an information black hole about the Asian shops in the Newcastle area. I decided it was my duty to my fellow FIA members to try to fill the gap.


Based on FIA info and advertisements in the local newspaper, I determined there are at least three Asian shops: Asian Star in the city, and two other Asian shops in the inner suburb, Broadmeadow.


Asian Star is located in an old style multi-story building at 557 Hunter St, which is Newcastle's main street. Inside there are steep, narrow staircases and smallish rooms, but the overall physical standard of the establishment is about equal to mid-range Asian shops in Melbourne. In other words, it is far less palatial than the Melbourne Colosseum, but vastly more inviting and cleaner than places like Westside X in North Melbourne or 43 Tope St. in South Melbourne. The discrete entrance to Asian Star is via the rear of the building, well signposted in the side street – Devonshire St., which is a pedestrian-only laneway running from Hunter St. through to King St. In Hunter St. itself, there is zero indication of Asian Star's presence – you need to turn the corner into Devonshire St. to seen the sign.


I visited Asian Star mid-afternoon on Sunday (yesterday). While I was waiting for introductions in a curtained-off area, I copied down the price details:


Massage: 30m $70, 45m $100, 60m $130

Full service 30m $100, 45m $140, 60m $170


Double and fantasies available – ask for pricing.


Special service – genuine soapy bodyslide (including full service) 60 minutes minimum, $200.


By Melbourne standards, these prices seem very attractive to me. The bodyslide sounds tempting for a future visit.



The mama-san, a youngish Asian lady, said two ladies are available now, with three more busy. The first intro was from Yuri - a Japanese lady, possibly late twenties to early thirties, short and curvy. Then came Helen from Korea, younger, taller and very slim. Helen was quite attractive, but tall does not fit my ideal concept for sexy Asian ladies. And to be honest, Japanese and Korean girls are not high on my priority list among Asian WLs. My preferences are more concentrated in southern Asia – eg Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian.


The mama-san came back and said a Hong Kong lady will be down in 10 minutes, but two other ladies are booked for 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively. I said I will wait to meet the Hong Kong lady, then decide. To be honest, my intention was to wait for her, but if she did not inspire me, I would head off to check out the two other Asian venues advertised in Broadmeadow, less than 5km away. In fact, I decided that even if I booked her, I would still call in to the two Broadmeadow shops to get a first impression and post an intro report on each of them for FIA. Good intentions!


Within a minute or two, I heard a commotion just outside the curtains, with a male customer loudly complaining to the mama-san that he insists on changing to a different WL. He said he has had only 20 minutes of his one hour booking, but the WL is no good. The mama-san tried to assure him that the WL, Candy, has the reputation for the best service in the shop, but he loudly complained that she was no good. The mama-san quickly sent him back upstairs with the Korean girl Helen. Next I heard a discussion between the Mama-san and the rejected WL, who said that she had given him almost non-stop oral for most of the 20 minutes and her mouth and jaw were worn out, but he told her he had hardly begun and demanded she keep going until he was ready to cum.


I could see what must be coming next. The rejected WL was now free to meet me, well before the Hong Kong lady was finished her booking. Should I also reject her based on the overheard complaints of her last customer, or should I suspect he might be an arrogant, over-demanding dickhead? There was a side issue that she might be so worn out and stressed by the experience that she might not be ready to give top quality service so soon to her next customer. What to do?


I did not have long to ponder this dilemma, as she sashayed through the curtains and said "Hi, my name is Candy". She was beaming an inviting smile and gave no sign of the bad experience with Mr. Dickhead. One look was enough to trigger me to go with my instincts and I responded immediately, "I want to book you! Now. I don't need to wait to meet anyone else."


I paid the mama-san for 45 minutes full service and Candy led me upstairs. I was surprised that I had gone with the 45-minute option, as I have long stuck to a policy of limiting first bookings with a new WL to 30 minutes, in case it proves to be a disaster. And in this case, there was the added risk arising from the previous booking. But on the other hand, this was my first booking this calendar year, so why not take the risk!


The steep narrow staircase was a bonus, as Candy's bum was exactly level with my eyes as I followed her two flights upstairs. She was wearing a small floral bikini which highlighted her tight sexy bum and beautiful smooth olive skin.


When we finally arrived at the room on the top story of the building, she invited me to shower. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she did not leave the room, but instead quickly stripped naked and began to prepare the bed. As I showered, I was able to take careful note of her attributes. She is 156 cm tall (about 5ft 1inch), and 47kg (these numbers were confirmed in later conversation).


Candy has a very attractive face and beautifully proportioned body, slim and well toned, with B-cup slightly enhanced breasts. The enhancement job is difficult to pick, partly because she didn't try to go too big, but mainly because it is clearly a high-quality piece of work. The only real give-away is their perfect symmetry and roundness, but her breasts feel absolutely natural to the touch. I am not a big fan of enhanced boobs, but if a woman is compelled to go in that direction, Candy provides an excellent example of not going too far. Her nipples are dark and erectile, contrasting beautifully with her silky olive skin.


Candy told me she is Vietnamese and said she has lived in Australia for six years. Her English was good. She looks about early to mid-twenties. But my years of experience with Asian ladies have convinced me that most Asian girls look much younger than their real age. It is possible that she is late-twenties or even early thirties. She said she is "not too old and not too young."


She said she has worked in this industry for only a short time. She was happy to hear my compliments about her beautiful sexy body. She said she was very pleased to see that I was already in a happy and relaxed mood, as "some customers are too stressed and uptight", no doubt in reference to her previous customer.


She began the session by arranging me on the bed on my back and teasing my rapidly growing erection with her nipples. I caressed the silky skin of her back and her tight sexy bum as she did this, eventually brushing my fingers ever so lightly past her pussy. Even though it was not yet in my line of sight, I was pleased to feel that her pussy lips were noticeably protruding, and her pussy was closely trimmed, but not shaved. Although I had not yet asked, I was very hopeful that I might be allowed to bury my face here later in the session. Eating pussy is one of my greatest pleasures.


She continued to tease me by massaging me with her breasts, and gradually swung her bum around towards me. When I finally got a clear look at her pussy, I was delighted to see that her pussy was very dark skinned, matching the colour of her dark nipples. This contrasted with and emphasized the bright pink when I gently spread her soft pussy lips.


She brought her breasts up near my face and I asked if it is OK to kiss her nipples. (I would have been very pissed off if she said no, but I have had several awful bookings in earlier years with WLs who did not allow this – if only I had access to FIA in those days to publicize such disasters!) She dropped her nipples onto my mouth while I slowly and gently licked and kissed her breasts and nipples. At the same time she straddled my hips and began teasing my condomless dick with her already wet pussy.


I asked her to swing around so I could look more closely at her beautiful pussy. She said OK, but first took time out to put a condom on me, giving me confidence that a full 69 was imminent. She mounted above me and began an almost too vigorous oral attack on me. The thought struck me that if she was blowing her previous customer at this pace for 20 minutes, no wonder she ran out of steam. Perhaps this did indicate inexperience in the job, confirming her comment that she hasn't been working for long.


She gradually lowered her pussy towards my lips, but I sensed some nervousness on her part, so I started very gently and slowly. She rewarded my restraint with gradually increased enthusiasm in positioning her pussy for better access to my lips and tongue. I gently spread her lips and was delighted by the beautiful close-up sight of her bright pink pussy, framed by those dark puffy lips. Soon I was enjoying her pushing her pussy hard onto my face as I concentrated on giving her my best oral performance, despite the distraction of her still almost too enthusiastic blowjob at the other end. I was about to suggest that she should slow down, as I did not want her to put in so much effort after her bad experience with Mr. Dickhead. In any case, I knew there was little likelihood of me cumming with a covered BJ.


But before I could say anything, she asked if she could ride on top, as this is her favourite position. She quickly mounted in cowgirl facing position, and began a vigorous pounding rhythm, with her body straight upright, giving me a delightful view of my dick deeply penetrating her dark pussy. I knew I couldn't last too long if she kept this up, so I soon suggested that she should take it easy and she dropped back to a more gentle pace and laid her body forward onto me. I caressed her tight bum as she flexed on me, and she commented that she wished all of her customers treated her so well. She said most guys were interested only in their own pleasure, and she usually has to work so hard to make them happy.


After some time in this position with both of us enjoying the relaxed pace, Candy said she wanted me on top. I obliged her request and soon was enjoying the sensation of being buried deep in her tight pussy. Although I tried to control the pace to build up slowly to a rhythm, Candy quickly slipped back into top gear and began powerfully fucking me from below, as though she was trying to push me over the edge immediately. This was accompanied by a little too much noise and sexy talk. I took this as another sign of her relative inexperience, but it became too distracting and eventually I called for a rest period. I took the opportunity to remind her that she doesn't have to work so hard with me. She asked me what other position I would like to try with her, suggesting several interesting possibilities.


At this point I checked my watch (on the bedside table) and was surprised that we didn't have too much time left. Rather than risk another noisy session, I suggested that I would like to cum on her tits and she admitted this is a big turn on to her. She also took it as another sign of how sweet and considerate I am as a customer. I didn't admit that I am just as happy to cum with a good handjob onto her tits compared to the harder work of cumming through intercourse with a condom.


Candy positioned herself on her back with her legs spread wide so I could see and play with her wet pussy as she stroked my oiled dick, rubbing it onto her nipples. This was so erotic that it didn't take long to push me over the top. My rapid eruption was probably helped by the fact that she was totally silent as she concentrated on the task in hand. :)


Candy cleaned us both up and then gave me a gentle back massage for a few minutes until the end of the session sounded.


I am not into giving specific point scores, but here are my overall conclusions from this booking:


Candy is a very attractive and sexy lady. She rates highly for looks and natural erotic talent. She seems sweet and genuinely appreciative when treated well.


She is apparently still relatively new to the industry, and seems prone to try too hard to please, which risks having a negative impact on some customers. While some punters apparently appreciate vigorous non-stop action and lots of noise, this is not so good for me. I am sure Candy is smart enough to learn from this. If I lived in Newcastle, I am sure it would be worth investing some time in giving her tuition through regular bookings.


I would rate her service as good, with some rough edges due to inexperience. I am confident that with good tuition her performance can be lifted from good to outstanding.


In summary, would I book her again on some future return visit to Newcastle – definitely yes.


And by the way, I was so relaxed as I departed Asian Star, that I decided to postpone checking out the two Asian shops at Broadmeadow until my next Newcastle trip. I realized I now felt so mellow that going there for even "intro only" research would not generate impressions sufficiently accurate to be worth posting for FIA members.


Instead I drove to Stockton on the northern side of Newcastle harbour and took some more pictures of the Pasha Bulker, the huge bulk carrier stranded on the famous Nobbys Beach on the southern side of the harbour entrance. Coupled with the pictures I took at Nobbys in the morning (before my trip to the Asian Star), I ended up with almost 300 pictures of the beached ship being pounded by huge waves. But as spectacular as these pictures are, I would happily have traded them all for a few pictures of beautiful Candy in all her naked glory!


And the latest story circulating in Newcastle – it is whale watch season on the east coast. There are now more than 70 empty bulk carriers moored offshore waiting for berths at the Newcastle coal loading terminals. Local residents are urging that the Pasha Bulker must be dragged back to deep water before it attracts all the others to beach themselves!






Posted 17 July 2007 - 01:32 PM


I was back in Newcastle last weekend and I noticed one part of my earlier review is incorrect. I said there was no indication of Asian Star's presence in Hunter St, only the sign in the side street. Wrong! This time I parked in Hunter St. directly opposite the three-story Asian Star building. To my surprise I saw a huge neon sign for Asian Star attached to the second story of the building. I had missed it last month because I was walking along Hunter St. under the awnings of the buildings and saw no signs at street level. This certainly makes it easier to locate.


As an update to Asian Star, this visit was not so informative. I called in about 3.30pm on Sunday and was greeted by the same young Asian mamasan. She told me that there were four girls working today, but all were busy for at least 20 minutes. She said there was Yuri from Japan (who I met in the intro last month), Miko and Apple (one from China and the other from Hong Kong - but I can't recall who was from where blush.gif ) and Lisa from Thailand. In response to my question about Candy, she said she is not working at the moment but will be back at Asian Star in a few weeks.


I didn't have time to wait so I returned about 8pm to discover most of the same WLs were busy again. Only Lisa from Thailand was available for an intro. Lisa turned out to be tiny (probably under 5ft tall) curvy for her size and typical Thai cute face. But after hoping for Candy or someone of at least equal impact, I decided not to book. I will wait for my next visit to the Hunter to check out some of the other local Asian shops.




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