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Living the double life

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Living the double life - Scarlet

Remy Chase


I've been wanting to clear up the double profile, fake profile and why the name change things on PP but don't know where the best place to post. So here i am, while setting up a new website for myself i decided to clear things up.


I come from a professional background, i jumped into this industry by chance and did the very thing that most people told you not to - i put my trust in a so called agent. She (whom i will not name names) help me set up my profiles accounts and she had her ways of generating clients.


But as i worked more i realised i wanted personalise the experience with my clients i need to be better. So i quit the agency (with many threatening phone calls afterwards) I started fresh as Scarlet.


When i read my first two punter reviews i was eccentric, over the moon and blew away by their compliments, but as soon as i read the comments and post, i realise why this could be so dangerous for girls. I am someone who pride myself being the best i can be, its almost a slap in the face when you are being called 'ugly', 'unattractive' and 'worst than a blow up doll'


I'm sure there are worst things that could've been said, but doesn't everyone get a growth period where they just have to kinda grow then flourish? Do i just have to jump into the life of a sex worker and be perfect?


Lying gets you no where, but it was not my intention. I love this secret life i have and i want to continue this journey for a little more longer.


Kind Regards




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don`t listen to all the negative stuff Scarlet . I enjoyed my time with you a few months back.

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