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Going out on my own....

the naughty sweetheart


So, after starting out in the adult industry some 5 years ago, with a year or 2 off here and there, I had recently been wondering about being my own "boss".

I've spent almost a year traveling back and forth to Sydney for work and while exciting and very lucrative, I'm based in Adelaide and find the constant travel tiring.

Maybe a bit of work here and there would take some of that pressure off me, I thought to myself...

So, after hunting around I've managed to find the perfect location and an ad in the paper later, I'm now in control of my own business, taking my own calls, so getting my own repore with clients before meeting them face to face, being able to take my time in my sessions (because I don't have anyone banging on the door rushing me) I'm noticing the amazing sex as a result! So it's win-win for me and my clients! Rawrr!

I've only ever worked for an establishment so I had no idea work could be this much fun...?


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the naughty sweetheart


That sounds great lustyfun, how does one find you apart from here?[i advertise every so often but you can always inbox me? I'm not on PP as often as I probably should be? Word of mouth and regulars keep me busy? I take regular breaks to avoid burnout too.. xxx/quote]
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the naughty sweetheart


Congrats for taking that final step. Keep safe and enjoy.
Thanks babe!
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