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Passionate lovemaking

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Cougar Town



Yesterday afternoon I decided to visit Cougar Town Syndey Riverwood. There was a lot of choice. I decided to ask for Taylor. Why? Because she made instand connection by a gently though and a look into my eyes. After a shower we checked each other out and started kissing. Very slow and soft. After a while more passionate. She kissed me all over and I did the same. Soft kisses all over her body. She decided to pleasure me using her tongue and also a vibrator on my cock. This was a new experiece and my body curled of pleasure. I could cum but decided to return by using my wet mouth on her private part. She enjoyed that very much as I did. The rest of the time spend between her and myself is private, but it was very special to experience this kind of connection between two human beings. Txs for the lovely time.


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