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First punting experiences

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My first punting experience



How did you get into punting?

We all have different experiences. My first punt happened quite unexpectedly but gave me a taste of something I've loved ever since.

Back before I'd even got my first mobile phone or we could go online to share punting experiences, I was in my mid twenties and had woken up one Saturday morning with a neck so sore I couldn't turn my head sideways. I got the Yellow Pages out and started looking for a Physio in my suburb but alas, none were open. I widened my search and eventually found one about 20min away that was open. The receptionist said I was lucky that they'd had a cancellation that morning so I headed over hoping I didn't need to turn my head much as I drove.

The Physio's room was in a multidiscipline medical center with a common receptionist and the place was busy. I checked in with the receptionist who gave me the usual forms to fill in and told me Lisa was running a little behind time and to take a seat. I didn't think much about the fact that I had a female. I just wanted my neck relieved.

Lisa cam out shortly after her previous patient left and called my name. I guessed she was about 15 years older than me, average height, an athletic body and was wearing a typical physio's outfit - tight black pants that hugged her nicely shaped bum and a black V-neck T-shirt without any logo that revealed a tasteful amount of cleavage of her nicely proportioned rack. I was certainly distracted by her appearance, which was as appealing as her cheerful nature, and maybe I could say a little flirty in a tasteful way. Her treatment room was a large room in an extended and converted former family home.

I explained my dilemma and she instructed me to take of my shirt and lie face down on the table. The massage table was the BMW of tables with adjustable everything and probably warmed, although being summer, there was no need for that feature.

Lisa put me through a bit of torture trying to undo my muscular problems. She apologized at times but explained it was necessary. Conversation flowed easily including a few compliments about the shape I was in and my nice skin etc. Lisa mentioned how lucky I was to get in this morning as she is usually booked out on a Saturday morning. I told her about how hard it was to find somewhere open and that although it was tough going, I liked what she was doing to me. She then told me that she works in the afternoon every second Saturday as she has a regular client from the country who drives for two hours to have a two-hour massage. I jokingly questioned if they had physios in regional towns. She responded by saying that she must be doing the right thing for him to keep coming back. I said that it must be a really great massage she gives. She just smiled and said "oh yes it is!” I was getting really curious about her massage that was so good that a guy would give up 6 hours of the day every fortnight for it. I suggested that it might be better than what I was having done this morning and perhaps I should try one of her two hour massages. She told me she couldn't do two back-to-back massages of that length but maybe on one of the alternate weekends I could book in. "So next weekend?" I asked. She straightaway said yeah that would be great but then remembered that she was taking a day off the next Saturday to attend a wedding. If it was OK with me, she could do it a bit later in the afternoon as she would be done by three O'clock. It seemed a bit early in the day to finish a wedding but OK, I agreed to come in then and asked if I should see the receptionist to book it. Lisa said not to as she was officially off for the day and didn't want to confuse anyone.

With my neck feeling a bit more normal, I complimented her on her great work and told her I was looking forward to next Saturday to which she smiled in her flirty way and said "me too".

A week later I headed off to the Physio rooms after choosing my best underwear - well you never know! It was a hot day so shorts and singlet were the go. I arrived about 10 minutes early to find the car park empty and the place locked up and lights off. I thought the worst - she had forgotten or I had the wrong day. No mobile phone to call so I sat in the shade for 10, 15, 20 minutes. I was about to give up when a car came quickly down the driveway and pulled up next to mine. It was Lisa and she apologized profusely for being late, as the wedding had run way behind time. I was relieved and she said that she'd make it up to me if I weren’t in a rush that we'd still get the full two hours. No problems! As she was getting out of the car I did notice her great legs and cleavage being highlighted in an amazing dress and high heels. More like you'd wear to a formal night not a daytime wedding. But hey, she looked sensational with make up and hair done - not like the previous week's professional look.

Lisa unlocked, deactivated the alarm and took me into her treatment room. Being a hot day, it was warm in the room already. Lisa told me to take everything off and lie face down on the table while she busied herself warming up some oil. Ok it was decision time. Do I take her literally when she said everything off or do I be modest and keep my underwear on? She also said nothing about being under the towel and there wasn't a rolled up towel on the table anyway. I decided to be brave and took everything off. Lisa had her back to me preparing the oil and burner so I layed face down, naked with no towel. When she turned and approached the table she simply asked if I was comfortable and of course I said yes. Phew! No towel draped on me was pretty exciting.

What happened next was something that will be etched in my memory forever. She apologized that because she was running late, she didn't get time to drop in at home to fetch her uniform. She also explained that she had on a pretty expensive dress that she didn't want to ruin with the oil she would be using. She asked if it was all right with me and I wasn't embarrassed, she would have to take off her dress and massage me in her underwear. With my heart beating at a million miles an hour I stammered the words to say that if it didn't embarrass her then it was fine with me. I watched her struggle, or perhaps fake to struggle, with the catches on her dress. She asked if I could help her undo them. Of course I jumped up to her aid and standing naked behind her, I undid the clasps fairly easy and ran the zipper down her back. As the dress slid down I caught a glimpse of some very tasteful looking white underwear including a G-string that clung nicely to the shape of her beautiful bum. She asked me to be a darling and grab a coat hanger from the back of the door. I obliged of course and as I turned to face her with coat hanger in hand, I realized I had a full erection waving in the breeze. She was standing in her high heels like something in a lingerie catalog. She noticed my state of arousal and just smiled in that flirty way again.

I was mesmerized watching her walk to the door to hang the dress. She woke me out of my daydream by telling me to get back on the table.

The massage started with some light stroking on the back obviously trying to settle me down a bit. She asked if I was OK - my nervousness must have been evident and told me to relax as I was in good hands. And yes, those hands were good. She poured a handful of warm oil on my back and started a slow, firm but sensual massage of my back. She often asked during the massage if what she was doing was OK and asked if it was better than last week's massage. It was divine and I let her know how much I was already enjoying it. Every slow stroke of her hand was sensual and nurturing. Eventually the massaged moved down to my glutes which felt really good. Pausing slightly I then became aware of a handful of oil being poured at the top of the crack of my bum so it slowly ran right down to my balls. Lisa then resumed massaging my glutes but running the side of her hand deeper into the crack of my bum with each slow stroke. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. She softly asked me if I liked that. Of course I did. This massage was something I'd never experienced and I was loving every minute. Lisa then worked on my feet, calves then upward on my thighs. Slowly working the insides of my thighs higher and higher until her hands were brushing my sack. Again she asked if that was OK. I told her it was really nice! More full strokes around my bum, inner thighs and I instinctively parted my legs further. Lisa took advantage of the extra access and ran her fingers around my anus and stroking my balls as my hips raised off the table a little.

I asked her if this was standard massage routine and apparently it wasn't what she normally does but she had promised to "make it up to me". During our earlier banter we'd talked about massages I'd had and she had said she enjoys receiving a good massage as much any anyone. I was starting to get to a point where I might have just climaxed from what she was doing to me so I suggested a break and asked if she'd like a massage from me. Lisa thought that would be a nice idea but she would either have to have a massage with no oil or take her underwear off so as not to ruin it. No prizes for guessing what I chose. I sat up with my legs dangling over the edge and tried to hide my erection with my hands. I watched her sit in a chair to take of her shoes and struggle a little with the straps. I was slowly gaining in confidence and cheekily asked if I could help her again. She smiled curiously and accepted my offer. I knelt before her, undid the straps on her shoes and gently took them off her feet. As she offered me her other foot, her legs parted enough that I could see a distinct wet patch in her crotch. As I looked up to her eyes I realized I had been sprung looking between her legs. Again she wasn't fussed and simply smiled. I helped her to her feet and after an awkward pause, Lisa asked if I was still helping her or not. Stupidly I’d missed the cue and apologized. I reached around her and undid the bra clip, removing the bra to reveal her beautiful breasts and large fully erect nipples. I just wanted to ravish them but kept my self-control. I reached down to the side straps of her G-string. She didn't flinch as I started to lower her panties. I had to kneel down again to bring them to the floor. She stepped out of them and I found myself at eyes level with her pussy. Brazilian waxing wasn't popular back then but she did keep herself quite well trimmed. She asked me if anything was wrong as I wasn't getting up very quickly. I assured her that I was just enjoying the view.

Lisa lay face down on the table. I basically copied everything I remember her doing to me. Asking the same questions and getting the same responses. She clearly enjoyed me massaging her bum and parted her legs further so I could start some brushes of her pussy lips. I was tempted to insert a finger but she suggested it was my turn again. Swapping places, I went to lie face up but she told me to go face down again as she wanted to try something new. What I then received was an awesome body to body massage feeling her boobs all over me, breathing heavily and nibbling my ears. Kissing my neck and at times and I felt her warm, wet pussy sliding along me leg. It was incredibly erotic. I was getting more appreciative with my moans of delight and let her know I was loving it! Eventually she climbed off and said it was her turn again. I was wondering how I could do the same to her with my erection but she got on the table face up. I massaged her chest and stomach playing plenty of attention to her boobs and nipples. Of course she said yes when I asked her if she was enjoying it. I moved onto her thighs and closed inwards towards her pussy. Lisa let out a huge moan when I finally reached her pussy lips and moved on to her clitoris. It didn't seem like a long time and she was shuddering moaning in a huge orgasm as I worked her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other. After a moment of recovery, Lisa said "wow" and commented how any woman would pay someone to massage them like that.

It was my turn face up on the table. Lisa gave me a hugely sexy body-to-body massage. At one stage she was kissing my cheek and I moved my lips to hers. She hesitated a little but then gave me a deep French kiss. Sliding her boobs down my body, she ended up with my cock between them, pumping it between them but backing off when it looked like I was getting close. Lots of playing with my balls then finally after what seemed forever, she slowly stroked my cock with one hand while rubbing my balls gently with the other. I was getting really close and let her know. Her response surprised me. She kept the hand going on my cock and lowered her head. Her soft warm mouth and tongue licking my balls was enough to make me erupt like a volcano. The eruption was intense and seemed to go on for ever. Lisa was exhausted too and she collapsed on top of me and we embraced likes lovers after hot sex.

I quizzed her a little and she confessed that she does get a few requests for happy endings but this was the first time she had ever done it. I believed her when she refused to take any payment from me as she'd enjoyed herself too. Apparently all her clients, including the country guy are always draped. I asked why I wasn't. She said she'd had a few champagnes that afternoon and when she saw me lying naked on the table, well she liked what she saw. When I undressed her and walked around with my erection waving, she became aware of her own excitement and from there it was never going to be a straight massage. Apparently it was just my lucky day and as I headed to my car, I realized we had gone three hours!

I never did get to see Lisa again. I was working every Saturday for a few months until I moved interstate for a while to start a new job. Returning years later, I visited that medical center and she no longer worked there. I often wondered if something more could have developed if I had managed to go back. For me it set a standard for punting - a great sensual massage, lots of flirting, conversation, a connection and then a really well executed happy ending from a great looking woman. Forget your cbj's, bbbj's and fs - that's the realm of skanks. I've found a few great masseuses that have met most the criteria but they are rare and they charge!


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Man , that is a sensational short story. Not in any way a punt and I cannot understand why you didn't pursue Lisa outside of work.

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What a fabulous experience!


(Note: I don't view providers of CBJs, BBBJs and FS "skanks")

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