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Private Masseuse - July 2015 - Miss M



This is a different review basically because I can't give away the contact details of the beautiful lady.

She does work in SA but under a different name. I will call her Miss M.

She doesn't want me to identify her in my review but was happy for me to share the details of her service which she provides to me based on the fact I have been seeing her for some years.


She basically is a true RNT girl but for me we push the boundaries.

I visited her recently and we started with the normal very sexy naked massage. She is a great tease. Lots of crack and ball teasing. Reaches under and grabs little jock and begins to massage him until he is hard.

She encourages me to touch and feel her naked body without restrictions which I do with delight.


Before long I am hard as and I feel her mouth take me whilst still face down. This is very sexy as she licks my balls and sucks me like there is no tomorrow.

After about 10 minutes of this 8 flip and the deep throating begins. Sensational.

Can't wait so I jump off the table and encourage her to take my place. I stand at the end and bury my tongue in her devine pussy. After about 10 minutes or so she shudders in a very wet orgasm. She tastes sensational.

I stand pull her towards me and enter her whilst she is still on the table.

We keep this up until she again shudders in a fantastic orgasm.

Time to unload so she jumps off the table and takes me deep into her mouth again.

I pull out and cum in her mouth and on her face. She swallows the lot not a drop missed.


This service isn't available to all only her best clients which is why she doesn't want me to give details away.

Yes I know it's a tease but I had to share the experience with you as it truly one of the best RNT with benefits I have ever had.

Will return as always in fact I am retuning today.


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