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Club 121 - 28/12/05 - Alexis



What is with hot nights that drag you out there in the search of flesh? I spent most of the day sleeping, so I found myself very active at late hours... By midnight I couldn't handle it anymore, had to go out and find me a girl to fornicate with.




First destination: Kings Cross. I walked by the Kellett Street parlours but didn't go in... Don't know why, it just didn't feel like the right time... I walked a little bit more to make up my mind... saw a catfight between SWs and I almost decided that that would be the event for the night. However, when I was already heading home had a change of heart and thought: "What about Pyrmont?"... After all I hadn't been there in ages and being Tuesday night it wouldn't be that busy... And so I went.



I crossed the city, walked by the grave of the Harwood Manor, now a restaurant, and paid my respects to it like to an old friend sadly gone. After a brief flashback of better times, I kept going to Club 121 and was happy to see that it was open. The receptionist let me in, we have a bit of a chat about the hot weather and she said she had two lovely ladies available. While waiting, watching some porn on the TV-set, I hear a girl who came from upstairs to walk out a client... I wondered if that made it three instead, and yes, luckily that made it three.


Now, let me tell you that I've been there before and I have probably stayed only twice. The experiences have been between average and mildly good. This time I was almost sure I'd stay because I had employed a lot of time and effort to get there. So, despite I had never seen a stunner in there, I was ready to do the deed regardless. And it was so that my expectations weren't that high.



By the sound of the steps, I realised that the girl who was just coming out of a booking, was the first one to say hello. She opened the door... and blimey... she was a petite sweet young Barbie doll; blond, blue eyes, tanned all over. She just said "Hi, I'm Alexis" and left. Then came Eva, another blonde but not of the Barbie line, who explained a bit about her service, she does Greek as an extra. And finally, Alice came in, who is an older French brunette who also does Greek as an extra. I imagine that the last two could be very accommodating. So, my friends, that was a bit of a dilemma, choose the stunner, who despite appearing friendly, her service remained a mystery?... or choose any of the other two?... Well, I went for the stunner and decided on half hour ($140) just in case. Too pretty to miss!


Alexis speaks with an English accent but I thought I heard traces of something else too. She said she was part English, part Polish and she has been here for the last two years, so there may be a bit of a mix of accents happening.




Alexis, walked me to the room, and after a quick health inspection I jumped in the shower. After the shower I took advantage and brought the volume of the music (most dreadful R&B ) to almost 0. After a few minutes, Alexis came back with a glass of coke for me that I neglected until the end of the booking.


We got together in the middle of the bed and I helped her undress. A few kisses on the neck (notice that her mouth remained out of reach) and she said that she also offered extras. “Hmm” I thought “Surely, now she’ll tell me that she kisses for extra $ or does DATY for extra $”... but instead she said “I do part natural French for extra $50”.... My mind went into a complete state of confusion. Wait a second, rewind a bit... “You do what?”... “Part natural French” she said again... and so I thought “Ah, the catch is probably in the Part bit... she may just lick the shaft a bit”... but then she said: “Yes, you know, French without a condom but you may not come inside my mouth”... :D



What was a picture-perfect girl like her doing wanting to take my uncovered penis inside her pretty mouth?... It was one of those offers I couldn’t refuse, and despite being an enemy of paid extras, I ran for those 50 bucks. After all, there would’ve been something really abnormal if a girl like this was offering that as part as her basic service. Now, just in the name of caution, please notice that she offered this after some play had taken place... I have no idea if she offers this to everyone or if it’s at her discretion.


So, she started sucking with me kneeling on the bed and then we continued with me lying on the bed. Most times I get the girl’s affection through kissing but this time the little fellow got the better treatment. The simple sight of it got me really turned on. While lying there I offered Alexis to do the same to her but she said “I like to pleasure you”... which was a polite way of declining the offer, she then asked me “You really like doing that?”... but the sight of the BBBJ was too much, and in a matter of fact manner I said “Yes, but it doesn’t matter”...


After a heavenly while, on with the condom and she jumped on top of me. I said that Alexis was a Barbie doll, and that’s not entirely correct. She’s as pretty as a Barbie Doll but she is more to my liking because everything is in perfect proportion to her little yet shapely body. Her boobs are probably between B and C cups with lovely small pink nipples (I seriously hope it will never cross her head to get implants). Holding them was a treat on itself... and her cute little curvaceous bum is one of the most perfect ones I’ve seen in a long time. Alexis is relatively new to the WL scene but she worked as a stripper previously and her perfectly toned body shows it.


We then switched to doggy and there was a mirror in front of the bed. Doing doggy and watching her derriere and making eye contact, is simply great. That perfect arse!... Alexis moans throughout the service. I’d be surprised if all the moaning is real but at least it doesn’t become annoying.



We tried a few other positions but maybe overwhelmed by her beauty, maybe because the bed moved not allowing the best rhythm, and certainly because of the intense heat, I decided to pull it out and finish by hand. I definitely do not regret this as she lied there for me to see how she masturbated herself. I did help her at the start but she said that only her hand was allowed there. However, the view of her little pussy with perfectly symmetrical labia and perfectly round little arsehole was a real treat... It looked as if an expert Swiss clockmaker had personally designed her. I came in no time and by then it wasn’t long before the buzzer went off. I had a great time, albeit not much of a girlfriend experience. In summary, she didn’t kiss, did not allow DATY and did not allow much touching of her private bits... not sure if she’ll give in to any of these things in subsequent visits. However, everything was well compensated with her looks, a great BBBJ, the stripper skills and a very friendly personality. She is a very good mix between stripper and WL. I will certainly see her again but next time I’ll book more time. :wub:

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