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WLs have it much tougher nowadays, compared to when I worked. I wouldn't last 5 minutes in the industry today! The expectation that kissing is part of the service and so much BBBJ too. Arrghhhhh.....no way could I do that. As for CIM, I think I just vomited a bit in my mouth...


Of course, girls can earn a lot more now as well. With top-tier girls earning in the $1,000 to $1,500 per hour range, one can see how a big earner can set herself up for life. Work very hard for 10-15 years and then do something else, a pursuit that is your true passion. What a great position to be in!


I take my hat off to any girl who can be such a good 'mattress actress', as they say. I'm glad they are paid a premium for it. So they should be. I couldn't put on such a great performance because the feminist in me wouldn't allow it. I writhe around, moan, groan and fake orgasms for what? So a punter gets a girlfriend and doesn't understand why she doesn't cum when he makes 'his moves'? Or he accuses his wife of being frigid? It seems such a betrayal of the sisterhood. I never faked an orgasm (and I'm proud of that!) unless I felt in danger if I didn't, which thankfully only happened on a couple of occasions.


In hindsight, I don't think I gave great service when I was doing 'straight' jobs. I did my best and was always kind and caring to clean, respectful gentlemen. However, I found it very hard to have sex with men I wasn't attracted to. Well, the sex was easy, as long as it was impersonal, but if they wanted a more GFE encounter, I was utterly hopeless. However, when it came to kink, I know I was one of the best. If a client desired to dress as a princess and have a mock sword fight with me - no problem! If a client wanted to be electrocuted in the balls with a cow prod, of course, what fun! If a client really needed my forearm so deep inside his arse that my hand was relocating his organs, it was my pleasure! But a kiss on the mouth? No way! Isn't it funny where our boundaries are? :)


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"Isn't it funny where our boundaries are?"


That is the beauty of humanity. We are all different.

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Interesting post. I agree we all have boundaries and the boundaries move around as we get more/less comfortable with things.

When I first started punting I really struggled with any small talk about my home life and day job. I've come to realise that most of the time the lady is getting to know me and being friendly, and that she will forget most of it seconds after I say it. When I started punting I felt like the chit chat was me being interrogated or accused of something naughty. So my boundary at the time was about openness, and I preferred both parties to just exchange sex and nothing else. I've since gotten over it - once I realised it's normal enough for two people that have just had fun sex to be very curious about each other. :D

I'm sure I personally couldn't do sex work. I'm not a people pleaser personality, and if someone pissed me off there is a high chance I will tell them in explicit detail just how they let us all down and what they need to now do to make it right. I guess that means I'd never get to see the same customer more than once and soon the phone would stop ringing  completely...

I suppose another big change from Ye Olden Times is the Internet. With Google and sex forums and image searches, a bad provider will have nowhere to hide, even if she dramatically changes her look and uses a different working name etc.

My two cents.

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@gypsy42, indeed. Makes life fun and fascinating too.


@Baby Jesus - I'm happy about that too :)


@blakes7, the Internet has definitely changed things. I feel ill thinking of the bait and switch the agency I worked for engaged in!

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It's a complex world. The WL I see regularly is fine with DFK, BBBJ, and oral on her.  All fine and she seems genuinely happy with it all. 


One thing I found she doesn't like is me watching her masturbate from in front. She will do it, if asked, but is unhappy, so I don't ask anymore. I decided it is something private to her. A shame because I find it beautiful to watch.

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Alot of punters want bang for buck, what the WL seem to not understand is that if they throw in a few extras for free the punter will in most cases will be back --which in the long run works out better for WL

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I specifically look for WL's that offer BBBJ  and if CIM is available that is a bonus,  As well as DFK.  Although it may well be listed as being available,  I always in my introduction email, specify that I would like these services, providing that she is happy/comfortable with my hygiene.  I have yet to be refused.  If a WL does not offer these services, I do not even ask, in fact I don't  even book or contact her. 

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