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WOW!! out of this WORLD!! GP GIESEL!!!



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WOW... i was honestly blown away today,.


Being a Tradie, we all know that our workload depends on the weather... So i decided that i needed a bit of cheering up due to the shit Melbourne weather we've been having lately...


I was just down the road at Caufeild, So i thought i would treat myself, i went to 859, walked in seen a few of the girls, nothing there really stood out.. if I'm going to cheer myself up - i need a smoking hot chick!! i walked out disappointed yet again. So i walked up the road a little to Georgie's Place there were a few girls working, i sat down on the couches waiting for my cock to decide which chick it wanted! first out was this tall, curvy yet slim, stunning lady... i couldn't speak.. i was actually stunned!! i think i was in love?? can that happen in a place like that? she had shoulder length light brown hair, and a wicked smile, she said her name was GIESEL.. she's new to Georgie's and has only been there for 2 weeks, i picked her... how could i not? I went and paid, and was directed to a room, where i proceeded to have a shower. she came in the room 5 mins later.


I have to say guys i was blown away with this chick, i was in complete awe with her, she even made me cum earlier then i usually do.... she did make it up to me by giving my a nice massage on my back with her busty natural tits!! she said we could go for round 2 if i could "recharge" in time, but unfortunately i didn't, next time i am booking at least an hour with this stunner!!! the buzzer went and we both showered and got dressed, and i left feeling very fulfilled and "empty"


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