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A Night with a Professional Male Escort



Arriving at the agreed venue I'm met by an exceptionally beautiful man with a huge smile on his face. Hugs and kisses later I head for the shower to prepare.


My date tonight is a stunning speciman. Fine chiselled features, glossy dark hair, a smile that lights up his face atop a lean, hard body. I love his abs and have had dates where I spend much of the evening smearing them in chocolate sauce and licking it off. However, the piece de resistance is his cock. Long, thick and as heavy as a truncheon with a foreskin I love to suck and play with. This man exudes maleness, while avoiding the hyper masculinity that is contrived; he has a sensitive and kind heart.


We start to kiss slowly, he nibbles my mouth and down my neck. My god, he could win a gold medal in kissing! Mmmmm. ..my inner thighs are being kissed, my pussy. ..within minutes I'm writhing in the throes of what is the first of dozens of orgasms for the night.


The next few hours are spent enjoying a variety of positions with plenty of cock sucking in between. I just wish my small mouth could take more of his endowment. My pussy takes such a pounding with his 9 inch truncheon that after a couple of hours I start to get sore and we move to bum. My favourite. I've been an anal sex afficionado for years and if it wasn't for the fasting and enema preparation involved, I'd be doing it every night. Not a first or even fourth date activity, I need to feel very comfortable and trusting to enjoy anal sex.


A shower and break for a general refresh, then back into it. There's been a lot of PSE fucking tonight; spitting, slapping, deep rimming and anal play. I thought about food play too, but last time we put whipped cream and melted chocolate in my arse, I managed to squirt it out not only over his face and mouth, but half the floor too. Messy!


After four or five hours of playtime with just one short break, we are both getting tired and finish the evening in a very sensual caterpillar. A gentle end to what was an intense fuck fest.


A final shower and into bed for cuddles. He makes me a cup of herbal tea and brings it to to me with my favourite biscuits. Delightful. We drift off to sleep with soft kisses, wrapped in each other's arms.


This man knows how to recharge and make his client feel invigorated. No wonder so many newbie clients fall for him and 90% of his business is repeat. In a world of mediocre sex it's easy to get addicted to romps with such a hot man, who is master of his sexual domain.

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Very hot Ms Simone. Although I think most men reading this will feel a bit inadequate :D not me of course, I'm at ease with my inadequacy :P

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No need for anyone to feel inadequate. We all bring different experiences and skills to the art of great sex :)

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thanks for sharing,


great read.



Good to hear from the female punter pov

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Ohhh God... i think I need to retire. Loved the blog (lucky escort)!

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Great review Simone. Thanks for sharing your hot experience with us.

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A very nice review but being from you I am not surprised at its quality.

May I ask though why you did not do it as a full review using the template with prices, contact details, services offered etc. I know there are a number of female punters on this site and perhaps they would like to see this detail just like we male punters.

Just asking.

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Hi Gypsy, the review template is only to review female (cis or trans) workers. AndyJ has confirmed this before.

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