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Overthought's Guide to Punting in Hong Kong



Overthought's Guide to Punting in Hong Kong


Dense, cheap, interconnected, and catering to a wide variety of interests, Hong Kong is an incredibly entertaining place to visit (punting scene aside). From cheap clothes, to cheap food (70HKD/AUD$10 for a three course lunch), it is not surprising that the punting scene is cheaper compared to Australia. If you know where to look, apart from the plentiful and beautiful tourist attractions, you can find gems such as cosplay cafes and other niche interests with a bit of searching or a little serendipity.


Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. The Law

3. Hide and Seek

4. Pricing

5. General Etiquette

6. General Procedure

7. Comparison of Services

8. Hazards and Warnings

9. Overview of Health Services

10. Places to Start



1. Introduction




The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the regional currency of this Special Administrative Region of China, and does not use the Chinese Renmenbi (RMB). Rule of thumb for the exchange rate is roughly 1AUD to 7HKD although you will get slightly less in practice. The HKD is slightly weaker than the RMB (approximately 1AUD:7HKD:5RMB on a good day) but Hong Kong stores will generally accept RMB at a 1:1 exchange at your loss or may do a closer conversion if they're nice.




The official language of Hong Kong is the Cantonese Chinese dialect, with English/Mandarin taking a back seat (from its past and present associations with Britain and China respectively). English comprehension in Hong Kong is highly variable, from experience being effective roughly 10% of the time in Kowloon to maybe about 40-50% on Hong Kong Island however English literacy has been dropping rapidly since 1997. As a result of this, Cantonese knowledge is highly recommended in streamlining your experience in Hong Kong, while Mandarin Chinese - though arguably more effective than English - runs the risk of being seen as a mainlander.


Hong Kong is more progressive than its Communist rulership to the north, however recent events such as the Occupy Central movements and more recently controversy about cross-border business practices have left many in Hong Kong distrusting or downright hostile of anyone suspected of being a mainlander. A common sight on the Hong Kong MTR rail system are the people disrespecting queues or ignoring the stand-left-walk-right escalator etiquette which is an almost surefire telltale for the Chinese mainlander. Foreigners are generally more accepted than the mainlanders, however brown people are sometimes looked down on as being dirty and unkempt. Furthermore, acceptance as being a "Hong Konger" tends to be extremely conservative and occasionally outright racist in its criteria.




The Hong Kong MTR is the most well-run train system in the entire world, able to run itself at an investable profit. The Octopus Card is the touch card system for regular commuters, with more expensive single use point-to-point tickets being able to be purchased at every station. The Octopus Card can be refilled in only multiples of 50HKD but possesses great utility in that many retail stores (and even medical clinics) accept scanning them as payment, saving you from pockets-full of useless 10/20/50HKcent coins. All remaning money on them is able to be extracted (given it is not a tourist 3-day pass) for your convenience.


Other transport options include taxis (though difficult at peak-time traffic), classic metropolitan busses, as well as the almost stereotypical minibus (which basically is a bus with a predefined route, but can be dropped off whenever you like). These options will not need to be exercised often, as the MTR has effective coverage of almost all of Hong Kong including the airport with a few exceptions of some of the New Territories and suburbs immediately east of Hung Hom in Kowloon.



2. The Law


Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal under certain conditions. Specifically:


<Advertising and soliciting customers is illegal.>

This is to maintain a semblence of dignity in the streets by preventing street walkers. Consequently, this also means that internet advertisement and review sites are constantly under attack from the authorities.


<No organisation can have more than one service provider. No individual or party apart from the service provider is legally allowed to profit from the act of prostitution.>

Basically two different conditions but they effectively combine to achieve a single outcome I call the "one girl rule". Effectively, only private prostitution (initiated by the WL, for own own profit) is legal to prevent organisations such as the Triads from cashing in, although they can get around it by renting out the apartments the private WLs operate out of (as an exception exists for property to break the chain of WLs having no effectively legal business location).

Parlors such as those seen in Australia or institutions such as K-Pressure and other saunas are therefore illegal. They don't run on loopholes, they are just plain. Illegal. So go at your own risk.

The corollary of the first part of the law is that it is technically illegal to have an MFF threesome or more. To my knowledge, I have no idea how often people get busted for this in practice, however MMF threesomes are basically okay because you're doubling up on customers instead (A/N: I have personally never heard of split-billl punting but if any of you guys want to try, go ahead LOL).


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are the most pertinent points that I can remember.


3. Hide and Seek


Services in Hong Kong can be split into several general classifications: Walk-ups, in-calls, and saunas. The concept of saunas are covered by the multiple posts about K-Pressure, and are basically FS parlours that try to use a thinly disguise to pretend it's anything but (and, as discussed above, tend more to the illegal side of things). In-calls are rather self-explanatory, and are usually arranged through WeChat or WhatsApp with an agent who can supply photos and arrange a hotel to meet the girl in.


However, the bulk of this guide is devoted to what I see as the uniquely Hong Kong walk-up, which is really exactly what it sounds like - walk up, knock, check, accept/decline.


Finding an appropriate walk-up location can be difficult, but can be assisted with internet searches which allow you to eventually track down key databases of girls and agencies. These databases are essentially advertisement sites that girls sign-up by paying a subscription. Photos generally have their faces censored, and are taken by site representatives that may then slightly airbrush and touch up the photos. WLs generally try to get as flattering a shot as possible, and often achieve this by giving favors to the photographers.


Consequently, these sites are nowhere near a comprehensive list of WLs, but you can still exploit it to widen your search range. Walk-ups are almost exclusively located in clusters of apartments in the same building. Therefore, instead of exclusively using the web to track down a single girl, instead you can use the database to identify addresses and as such locate clusters of WLs you can scout (I recommend the top-down, door-to-door sweep).


Be mindful however that not all girls in a cluster may offer the same services, and some may not even offer full service (R'n'T only) so be observant when seeking services as they are often displayed on the door.


4. Pricing


Punting prices in Hong Kong vary with location ranging from 350HKD (AUD$50) to 700HKD (AUD$100) for the basic one-pop session, as well as service price differences. Incalls usually start at 700HKD (AUD$100) and can be as high as 1500HKD (AUD$210) Generally the more touristy/English-speaking locations have higher costs such as Tsim Sha Tsui and basically anywhere on Hong Kong Island, while Kowloon generally has lower prices.


The standard time duration also differs between areas, with Kowloon sessions generally being 30-45min while TST and HK island sessions are 30min on average. It is important to establish both cost AND time is agreed on before entering an apartment. Massages/R'n'T's on the other hand generally start with 45-120min sessions for a very affordable price.


5. General Etiquette


Most of what's polite applies here. Walk-up WLs are used to having prospective punters knock on their doors, give them a quick look over and either proposition them or decline respectfully and move on. It feels weird to do at the start, but it eventually becomes second nature to apologise and shake your head then move on to the next door. Similarly, you can usually turn down an in-call if she is not to your liking and you can contact the agency to inform them - to my knowledge, they will not charge you as these hotel rooms remained booked for the next prospective customer.


This being said, for walk-ups if you know a WL's number on WhatsApp or WeChat, you can try to arrange a time in advance, and the girls are generally more happy when you do this as it makes them feel more appreciated and sought after - as well as giving them time to prepare for you. If an appointment is made, they will generally turn away other punters while waiting for you for a reasonable time (so it's a pretty good way of calling dibs).


Interactions with other wandering punters should be kept to a minimum, as they are a very secretive bunch and talking to them is almost always extremely awkward. However, a practice that's done reasonably often is the sneaky shoulder peek, where a punter would look over a second punter's shoulder as the latter knocks and assesses the girl who answers. Although a bit sleazy and underhanded, if done correctly it also helps save the WL the frustration of being declined twice in quick succession.


Payment for services can be done at the beginning or end of the encounter, in my experience the latter appears to be more common as it allows room for tips for exceptional servce. Tipping is a thing, but not mandatory, so it is entirely up to your discretion whether or not you believe the girl has earned herself some extra appreciation as some undersell their prices to entice greater volumes of clients.


6. General Procedure


Walk-up encounters largely follow the same set of steps. After knocking and expressing your interest - it is up to you to clarify the service, cost, time, and extras. Genital examination is not usually done (I never asked, even in Australia, so this might be a personal shortcoming instead of a systematic one). There are door hooks to hang your clothes on.


Showering is quick, and the girl often joins you in the shower to scrub you down herself, and you can also help rub her down a little yourself. There are plenty of fresh towels available but you are generally given only one for the entire encounter so don't get it too wet.


Afterwards it's straight onto the bed where the girl starts catlicking and kissing your body as well as some nipple play and jerking you off a little. The condom comes quickly after for a CBJ, and the girl generally loads it in her mouth and loads you at the same time she takes you into her. When she gets tired or is prompted, she may switch condoms or apply lube before starting in cowgirl and passing control over to you.


When you're done and wiped off, a quick shower together follows and you pay at the end, plus whatever tip you deem appropriate (if at all), and you're out on your merry way.


7. Types of Services


Services and extras are numerous in the industry but may not be offered by all girls. Though sexual hygiene is held to a reasonably high standard in Hong Kong (condoms are used virtually 100% of the time), they can be negotiated for the right price. Extras include:





Mutual 69

Soap body rub

Oil body rub

Rimming (on girl)


Uniform/costume play



These can range from an extra 50-100HKD, bulk-discount extras may be negotiable and is entirely up to the WL's discretion. You must agree beforehand to avoid any problems going in. (Side note: Asian WLs are generally unshaven, so shaven girls technically count as an "extra" in databases but don't really cost you anything more.)


Service modifications include recieving a massage pre-sex, which generally costs 100-200HKD more but extends the total session time to around an hour. Massage options also include titty-fucking, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and prostate massaging.


8. Hazards and Warnings


There is no testing or health checks required of WLs in Hong Kong.

Every apartment room has a camera for the WL to vet and peek out for clients, linked with a TV inside.

Many WLs share the same work name, be careful when finding them on web databases and note down the address instead of a name.

Mainlander girls are generally less concerned about safe sex practices than Hong Kongers, be careful and be assertive. Cantonese speakers can try to get a feel for this by their accents.

Some WLs will aggressively try to entice you in with offers of two pops for the price of one (they are generally positioned facing the lift/stairs), they will do their best to keep their word but can result in a bad experience - proceed with caution.

Police can and do respond quickly if you try to rip off or scam a WL, they are pretty serious about this stuff.


9. Overview of Health Services


Finding a GP in Hong Kong can be extremely tough, and the healthcare system is subject to a bit of a funding inequity in recent times. However, there are sexual health clinics available in both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island with a little internet searching. The cost for a consultation at these clinics (and at hospital EDs) is 1000HKD, as well as payment for follow-up sessions. Hong Kong citizens pay a reduced rate of 100HKD, however if you possess a Hong Kong work or study visa then you are considered a citizen for the purposes of healthcare and thus pay the reduced rate. For reference, most Australian citizens entering Hong Kong enter via a 90 day visitor visa and are thus ineligible for subsidised healthcare.


10. Places to Start


It is often best to seek reviews (in English) from other punters as they generally give the most honest reviews and are less likely to be arranged by the girls themselves. However, I can recommend three locations to start looking for the English-only speakers to get you all going if you do not want to jump into the deep end to begin with. These are:


<Gi Gi> (King Hing Building, Mong Kok)

Dark skin, long red hair, Cantonese/English speaking; the half-Indonesian Gi Gi is widely regarded by punters in Hong Kong as the goddess of the GFE. She will fuck you like an animal, she will blow you off bareback, and she loves getting cum on her face. She's a fan of the durian fruit, and a gift of it may go a long way if you want to be a regular. Sadly I never got to experience her mastery first-hand, as she disappears from the scene for weeks at a time, but she is definitely on my to-do list for the next time.


<Miss HK> (James S. Lee Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui)

Very diverse languge speaker including Cantonese/Mandarin/English as well as Japanese. Generally popular in her own right and often occupied. I may have referred to her as Made in HK previously, however after checking I realized that MIHK was another girl in Cheung Sha Wan instead.


<The Phoenix Apartment> (Causeway Bay)

Very diverse area, among the places I've been this was the place that included eurasians and blacks. Highly likely to speak English in this area as a result.




Happy punting!


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Amazing. I skim read it and had to say it's amazing. Thanks. I'll come back and read it in more detail later.

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Thanks OverT. Had not really discovered the blog before but look forward to more adventures! :-)

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Fantastic! Thank you for your time in passing on these wonderful tips!

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Thanks Champ. I'm heading this way soon, so your comments will be very handy. A bit worries about no health checks for WL's, though I was in the US lately, where they are illegal and that was just plain stupid / scary.

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