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A year goes fast .......hell yeah, living to do!



My last post for this blog. Saw the doc last week after usual blood tests, urine tests....."How we looking doc?" well, 1 year down the track, PSA reading as good as zero, no sign of cancer, probability of return extremely low, in the words of Monty Python.....you're cured mate!!


So the journey has been a sobering one, full of clichés around confronting your mortality, understanding your fundamental fragility and realising that life can change so quickly. The real story is one of how medical treatments have changed, the chance of survival and even better, the chance of living a normal (or near that) life afterwards. In this respect I say yeah, got lucky, got treated early got cured and life has returned (mostly) to normal.


To look at the fears most men would have around this disease......first and foremost, erectile function. After a year, pretty much back to normal but some encouragement needed and the raging beast that once reared its head in a moment probably more of a feral cat at this stage, my surgeon said to expect improvement up to 18 mths so am still hopeful.


Continence...not an issue. Conquered that one not that long after the surgery and have never looked back. At the time it is embarrassing and debilitating and seems like it will be a forever issue, for some perhaps it will be but for most it will get better and sooner than you think.


The fear of return or ongoing cancer......Gents, the only thing I can say here is getting it early is the best course of action. Inaction will make it worse, ignoring signs will put your life at risk and make the battle harder. For the little bit of discomfort a finger up the date and a blood test causes, the alternatives just don't compare.......DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!! DO IT REGULARLY!!!


I have drunk some very good wine to celebrate, I hope to toast others that survive and thrive beyond this disease......too much living to do and more than a few punts to enjoy before time is up. Cheers!




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That's fantastic news, AX. Very glad you've made it through with patience, work and dedication. Well done and enjoy many punts to come. :)

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Goodonyah AX. Phweeeew! You had us all worried. I'd better go have some sex to calm myself down now :D



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Sir Thomas TTE


Great news AX. The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is the little blue pill and lots of sexercise.


I'm coming up to my 12 mth review after my negative biopsy and living in that grey world of a holding pattern - high PSA and hardening enlarged prostate.

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Serena Vincente


They do say live today as it is your last ;)


Serena x

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Great news. Also don't forget to drop a big fat donation into the cancer research foundations and patient support charities. They've got your back in ways ya don't even realise. Girls like me have got a few tricks up our sleeves for the ED clients like you. Let's get you living again! x

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