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new to VIC



Hi guys,


Forgive my ignorance if this is the wrong place to be asking, but I'm new to Punter Planet and new to Victoria having just moved here from NSW.


In NSW, punting is much easier as it seems the laws are different and finding a RnT massage is pretty simple. I'm not interested in anything more than a RnT massage but am finding it near impossible to come across any useful information here in Melbourne. I live in Richmond and there seems to be plenty of potential parlours around but so far all I've experienced is a regular massage at the two places I thought looked promising.


Any help would be much appreciated!




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Just off the top of my head;



Richmond: Candy Club, Duchess of Duke Street (not real flash, either of them)


Collingwood: Collingwood Confidential, Le Boudoir, (better)


Good luck

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Whilst the brothels mentioned by Charlie may provide a massage i'd expect the girls are more inclined to offer full services. For legit rnt a better option would be Number 100 on Johnston St Collingwood.

There are plenty of reviews of 100 and the other licenced venues.

The other option is to seek out rnt via locanto, i expect you'll find it hit and miss, just remember that rnt without a licence is kind of illegal here in Vic.

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100 Johnston st Collingwood not far from Richmond RnT forgot the name of place u can't miss it front door entrance

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