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Georgia Holli is Violet at SCI... <3



Hi guys,


I know it has been a fair while since i put up a blog, and frankly i have been super busy moving interstate, and transferring uni's, and looking at rental properties.... more of a nightmare i guess you could say.. :(


ANYWAY i thought i would just let you guys know that "Violet" at SCI in Braeside is actually me - Georgia Holli... unfortunately they already have a Georgie thus enabling me to use Georgia.. <_< ( don't worry Georgie is wonderful, and we do get along amazingly)


I couldn't help but notice a few reviews on "Violet" and i am quiet pleased at the kind words that have been written .. so a big fat *hi5* to you guys who did a write up. ;) unfortunately i am unable to comment on the review and give some correct information.


I am actually 5'11 not 5'5, and i am also a size 12... :D

I also work from 10-4pm on Mon,Tues, Thurs and Fridays , and 10-2pm on Wednesdays due to other commitments.. :D

depending on who is on during the day, i do provide live sex shows with some of the other girls.


i am happy to answer any questions and look forward to seeing you all soon..


GH aka Violet... xoxoxo <3 <3


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Hi Georgie, funny I've met the other Georgie I'm sure ur just as amazing as her judging by the convo we have had in chat. Hope we can catch up soon now I know we're u are

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Hey Skipurple, yeah yeah she's great isn't she.. :D i rank her highly.  yes, deff sounds like a date.. :D xox

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Last Heretic


Down the road for me.......may have to pay a visit next time I am in that area.

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Hello Georgia, good to know you are not far away. Days are best for me. I'll let you know if I'm coming.

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