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From: Georgies Place - February 2015 - Sam



Ok I don't really know what colour her eyes are I wasn't wearing my glasses. I will look closely next time.

I chatted to Sam on PP a couple of times and thought she was intelligent and fun. So i booked 45 mins.

When I got to georgies place it looked like a bit of a dive to be truthful, but the receptionist seemed nice and Sam remembered me and made the booking. Thats nice.

She was dressed in a skimpy outfit and was really happy to see me. Shower yada yada and then she gave me a lovely massage and we chatted. As an older guy i don't get hard at the drop of a hat anymore and just really enjoyed the gentle massage and the chat.

It was nice to have that time, then she started working on my front, did I say she was naked :), any a lovely CBJ and i tasted her at the same time. Which works for me. She made me cum which was great and then we cuddled,kissed and the rest was history. Very nice time. Thanks Sam

Source: Georgies Place - February 2015 - Sam


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Nice one Spike glad u had a fun time. Sam is a lovely lady down to earth having the pleasure myself :)

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Georgie's Place (formerly Bambra Studio) has stairs that are bloody dangerous! How the hell the WLs wiggle their way up and down in heels is amazing!


Sam is on the list!

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