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The Main Course - 20/04/09 - MiMi



Who would have thought finding a punt on a Sunday night would be so hard.


The first couple of parlours, only 1 girl was available, and not to my liking. One parlour I didn't even get to enter.... the voice on the intercom wouldn't even let me in.


Things were looking promising at the Grosvenor. I was introduced to a stunning asian lady, tall, buxom, very attractive.... pity all I got out of her was hello, before she turned around and walked off.


Skirting the top of the city on the way back to my hotel room I thought I'd take a chance and pop into TMC to see who was about. When I got there the place was packed. I had to do my introductions at the end of the passage. After meeting 8 - 10 ladies, I decided to stay with MiMi. She was by far the most engaging during the intro.


Mimi is a tiny asian lady, 5'2 if she's lucky. During the session she told me she was 56.... laughed and said not really, the fessed up to being 26. In my opinion I would have a guess at mid 30's. She quite busty for a small lady with a nice set of D cups, and a body that would be around a sze 12.


After the shower, things progressed nicely. A fantastic CBJ with lots of tongue action, ball sucking and mutual nipple play. She was very good and I quickly found myself on the edge a few times. After a breather, it was time for round 2, quick CBJ to get things moving in the right direction, then cowgirl for a while. She was enjoying herself immensely, and so was I. A quick changed into reverse cowgirl, where she picked up he pace and force of her movement, as well as some great ball play. We tried Doggy, but things weren't lining up quite right, so it was onto missionary to finish. After the session was over, Mimi told me all the girls were laughing dowstairs, they were convinced she was going to be squashed, or something. In hindsight it must have looked funny, me and her...... seeing as I'm the better part of 6'4 and 130kgs..... and her being 5'2 and maybe 50 - 60 kgs. She did confess she had hoped I would pick her as she's fond of a larger man, more to cuddle and play with apparently.


Before I left, she asked, if I'd be back to see her again, I left non committal, but I would go back again. I was sent on my way with a kiss on the check, and a slap on the arse..... all in all not a bad way to end the day.


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