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Difficulties dating an escort

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Dating an escort



Good day punters!!! Hi you can call me James and I'm in a relationship with a lady of the night.


I'd like to discuss the pros and cons of dating an escort. Hopefully I can get some feedback from the public. All positive please!


I'd like to start with the woman I'm dating.


She is amazing, funny and smart. She is on the young side 20, but has the tastes and attitude of somebody of class and age. Her mind is what gets me smitten, conversations with her challenge my perceptions of the world. She thinks on a level far above her age and I love talking to her. She has some truly amazing views on the world she sees. She knows how to cook. She has some truly amazing and endearing qualities, I've fantasised about a long long life with her.


She is beautiful.


We started dating shortly after she moved in and yes I knew of her chosen profession when we started dating. At first it wasn't a problem, it was an exciting new world for me to learn about and I quiet enjoyed hearing about how her shifts went. Some of them where horrid, clients are to blame, not very gentlemen gentlemen around these days it seems. Some of the shifts where sweet and she enjoyed them. For the most part I'm a truly happy guy and I feel huge amounts of happiness when I'm around this incredible woman.


Here is the hard part.


Over Christmas things where difficult between us. She cheated. I know it's hard to say my girlfriend is a lady of the night and she cheated on me but she betrayed emotional connections that we have with her ex, I was devastated. It lead me to distrust her. We would talk about work and how she didn't like it or certain parts of it or how she was having difficulties coming out of character. I've turned into a jealous insecure guy.


I'm a monster.


I started prying, she hides things from me. I'd come into the room and she would be on her laptop and quickly close down windows, or she would snap her phone close when I'm near, she hides things to protect my innocence. I discovered she lies to me allot about work. My jealousy led me here to punter planet.


I read her reviews.


Allot she lied about is here, in the reviews. I'm fucking shocked. Special things I thought she shared with me she does on job. I wish I could be more descriptive but it's allot. She is very very GOOD at her job and has many clients. I couldn't believe she had told me the complete opposite of what was really happening.


She enjoys it allot, I mean it seems that way, there are so many simarities with how she is on the job to how she is with me. It killed me and I can't even begin to convey feelings through here but they are raw and consume me sometimes. Her GFE is highly rated and her sex is out of this world. She gets high 9/10-10/10.(interested who this is guys?).


Man this is long winded.


Any ways guys it's her job. This is what she wants to do. She likes it allot. I'm just not attuned to how she thinks.


We talk about my problems as a jealous jealous insecure man. When your a jealous insecure man guys you rob yourself of your own self confidence. It's demeaning. I want to work through this. The rewards are huge if you can be in liove with a girl if such caliber.


We are in love. I'm in love with her deeply.


Anyways guys I wanna know your thoughts. I'm a jealous man knowing you guys get the same thing I get but without the hard work that I put in trying to keep a girl around. Any pointers will help out or if you could share the same experience with me that would be great.


Sorry for the poor gramma and horrible spelling if any.


Looking forward to hearing from you guys,




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Hi James.


You are in a bad position and not amount if wishing and wanting will help.


Any of us could personally guarrantee everything will be ok but we are just anonymous dudes on the Internet talking about sex and fun times.


I believe that what she did, does, or even what her job is are all totally irrelevant to the real problem, and the real problem is you hate the way you feel about it all.








You feel bad bout stuff and it's twisting you into a weird guy.




Leave her be.


Move out.


Shed some tears.


Take up a hard sport that will burn off all your angry and sad energy.


Start some new adventures *without* her.


Say goodbye.


Don't look back.


* * *


Good luck with it all though.


PS. Read some other threads like:







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Wow, what a first post, but one thing that I must say right now is that you have a very balanced perspective of your relationship and your predicament.


You obviously care about your GF very deeply, but are concerned (and attuned) as to how you are changing as well.


I wouldn't go so far as to break it off (yet), as she means the world to you, but I'd suggest a small break or separation (think of it as some quality "me" time) to think things through. Absence may very well make the heart grow fonder, and make you (or her) realise the important thing that you have, or it may also help to remove some of the hurt and determine the most appropriate course of action.


You need to work this through yourself and continue to be on top of your actions and emotions - maybe share with her your feelings and ask for some time apart (several weeks at least), but a more discreet option would be to go on a holiday to visit family and friends for a few weeks interstate.


Best of luck, Ritzy

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James sounds bad. I suggest you move out, once you loose trust in someone doesn't matter who it will only get worse. Relationships are hard enough in the best of times unless you have trust it will end in tears. Best of luck to you James

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James sounds bad. I suggest you move out, once you loose trust in someone doesn't matter who it will only get worse. Relationships are hard enough in the best of times unless you have trust it will end in tears. Best of luck to you James

You  might love her but you dont trust her...relationship over!

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'allo James.

Trust is fundamental. That doesn't mean to say it can't be re-established.
I see your post to have a two-pronged effect. You clearly know she's on this site; You knew how to find her, she'll know how to find you (especially if she's truly as smart as you say she is).

This place may hold anonymity, but that doesn't mean you can't figure out people you know.
Anyways, what I'm getting at is this seems to be your way to connect, and talk to her. Not the best approach... There's a good chance she knows what's up, you should confront her. There's no doubt you've had you're own struggles, and now it's time to bite the bullet and push forward.
Your situation, housemates + relationship, is a sticky one. No question. For the sake of rectifying both, talk. Express to her personally how you feel, let her feel comfortable with talking about her work truthfully BUT only if you can accept it! You have people to look after, and it all starts with you.
Think carefully about how you feel about her work, take very careful consideration that you may have felt betrayed by coming to this site (the process of which may be a betrayal to her too), then talk to her. be open. be understanding. The talk will determine what happens next, and if it's not going to work, accept, move on, and enjoy knowing you got to experience it at all, rather than the loss. It'll come again. Time heals all.

Good luck pal.

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My advice for what it is worth is to try and put your negative feelings aside and hang on to this lady with all your might. I'm just a RnT punter and visit just one place. I have met some absolutely beautiful girls there who are the nicest, most decent people you could ever want to meet and whom I utterly respect. These seems to be common traits for those I have met. if you think your girl is anything like this, then don't let jealousy spoil things. After all, if she wants to be with you then doesn't this tell you something? Good luck!

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I was in a relationship with a working lady. She made it clear that her job was her job and what was between us was between us. I would only ask 'did you have a good night?' and she would say something like 'it was okay, had one real prick' and that was all. she had her own problems and we drifted apart. If you can't handle the fact that your woman fucks for a living, move on. i don't think you should only consider your own feelings -- it's difficult for a working girl to maintain a relationship outside of the sex industry.

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I'm a working girl. Yes it's only a job. If guys are aware of what you do before getting involved, then they shouldn't have a problem with it. Very important to practice safe sex with clients, even for bjs. I would never jeopardise the health of a partner.

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I think this relationship is gonna twist you mate.  Relationships are hard work at the best of times, and although I have met a few WL that I could fall in love with, I would not go there as I know I would not be able to handle reading reviews, thinking about it all the time, etc.  Just me brother.  


I have been devastated a few times where I have parted ways with beautiful, gorgeous, funny, smart, intelligent women that I was deeply in love with.  Guess what.  I passes.  It does.  Its a fact.


The amount of great women out there is insane and almost infinite, as opposed to the time we have on this world which is very short.  Dont waste a day of it feeling like shit....

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Hmmmm where do I start. I was in a seven year relationship with a messed up girl, who did some insanely hurtfull shit behind my back for five of those years. I thought I loved her and I was strong enough to forgive her and move on, be a better man, only to realize two years later I had become a twisted psycho nutjob who I hated. It Hurt but it had to end.


Nearly two years later, at 9-10am on a Sunday morning, I walked into the Top Of The Town with a horny friend and actually considered I might get myself layed if I found someone I liked. My mate was upstairs in a flash, and I sat alone a while (this was 1997, no punters or girls were there), thinking I'd be ready to leave when he came down. Then, a girl appeared behind me. She said hello and we chatted like we just met at a bus stop. It was some time before she asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I wasn't thinking about it. I looked at her a moment. She was definately attractive to me, quirky, not a bombshell. I had been a monk for nearly two years, and even though I knew my friend wouldn't have been long I somehow felt I had earned it . I stayed three hours without fucking her. Three months later my feelings for her were so much stronger than they had been for my ex.


She was a uni student. I woud drive her to, and often picked her up from a shift. I still dont know how or why but I was able to separate what she did from what we did. Sex...... Blah Blah. Has little to do with it.


Think of some of the tossers here, who write reviews. They and are so painfully insecure they need to talk up their conquests and then try hide the identity of the girl, like they somehow own them and we would ruin them, take them away. Hello !


Take a step away. See if the person you are becoming, is because of what you are feeling. Its OK to say to yourself you can't put something behind you, forget it and move on. We think we have to always be strong and endure all. Men are human to James.......................


I hope it works out how you would like it to.....

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Hey James believe me I understand, I dated WL for 12 months and it was great and I still love her. I too am jealous and insecure and my girl was only working part-time. She is a FIFO parlour girl of Asian origin. Even though part-time it was the hours and how many men she was seeing in her two week stints that were the problem. While jealousy was certainly part of it my major concern was her safety, I was basically barred from any contact with her for the entire 2 weeks she was working.


I don't know how you talk to your partner about her job but it was impossible with mine.

I was worried constantly because of lack of security in these Asian joints.

I must also point out that I did know she was doing this before we started relationship and I knew it was going to be hard but truly thought I could handle it; wrong. 


Sorry James for rambling with my issues I certainly wish you the best and hope you can work it out. Personally I don't think it should be a big issue but I can understand that GFE does put the lady at odds with the distinction of private and work. My girl told me she was strictly no kissing and safe sex was always priority and I know from our personal life that hygiene and health were of the utmost importance to her.

We all know that the reason any woman would do this job is because men are sick bastards and will pay absurd amounts of money to be with some woman they could not normally get. 


So I guess what I want to say is I don't think the work or the ladies are the problem it is what other men want and are willing to pay for it, everyone has there price. There are not too many other jobs that an uneducated (not dumb) person can buy and pay house mortgage within 5 - 10 years.


I understand also from my own experience that my partner also found it very difficult to maintain relationship while also working. We should have talked a lot more about this aspect of our relationship but neither of us pursued it and we drifted apart. 


I wish you all the best mate.

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