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The year that was



Those who have been here for a while may have noticed me in the past but recently I've been very quite in the review department.


Work moved up a notch so I've become very busy actually making money to spend sadly the year before I spent a little too much so this year I've had to more careful.


I've have been punting so here is a synopsis of my year;


After 2013 with many first for me on the punting side 2014 was much quieter I've seen a few ladies, some reviewed most not.

Part of the reason I haven't done many reviews is I've lacked time and the spark to get inspired to write a review.


I meet a whole range of ladies this year all interesting.


One lady when I enquired about the school uniform in the room told of the fantasy she offered to a previous client - put me off it did.


Then there was the lady who I think confused the session times and short changed me on time but I had wholly enjoyable time.


One lady sitting on top starts to shudder then stops and complains bitterly that I'd made her come and wasn't happy about it. It's rather strange too see a lady doing calming exercise whilst sitting on your cock.


Another lady who was rather pretty broke into song at every moment a little fruit cake that one.


Another set her timer for every step of the booking - I was confused at first before I realised what she was doing. Bing change position what you not cum yet.


Had one lady put herself at the front of the intro cue so she could get first dibs on me - I like her so it was fine.


Meet a heavily tattooed young lady who seemed rather shy and was rather pleased when I told her she was pretty, she was. Sadly she wasn't the best in bed. Still on balance had a nice time.


Returned to some old favourites and found one had improved with time.


Some the above have been reviewed others never will be as the info is now far to old and I've actually forgotten the names.


I also found twitter and that's kept me amused - though it's a strange world in twitter land.


Life is moving forward at a rather hectic pace, though this year I hope to get some reviews out.


Wishing every one a happy new year and may the punting gods smile upon you.


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Look forward to some reviews, when you manage, and all the best in the meantime.

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:lol: Phoenixescorts I have a partner this is a side adventure for me, last year I've come across some interesting ladies. Life would be pretty boring with out a bit of spice.


Thanks Andy for the well wishes.

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Yeah good luck with it all theprof.


I liked the mini-history highlights thing, I may have a go at one myself.



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