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Allure - 06/05/06 - Eva



I won't go into the many reasons that made me go punting last night; luckily that's the last thing you'll like to know but it's probably enough to say that it wasn't necessarily the fact of being horny.




In an attitude that is not very much like me, I did call several places before leaving home. Often I just go to a place and if I don't fancy anyone there I keep going to the next one. It is more demanding and less time effective but sometimes it's part of the fun. As I said, not last night though. First call, Amore. The receptionist went through their entire line-up but I did not recognise any names. Second action, not a phone call but I checked Club 121's website since they seem to update their roster on a weekly basis. From their offer, I noticed that Alexis wasn't on but Bree was scheduled and I thought that she would be my punt for the night. However, I also decided to call Allure and see who was on. Among their names, including Chantelle's, I heard Chelsea's and Eva's too.


Now, while I've been with Chantelle, Eva I only recognised from a fleeting description by a punter who only saw her at an intro. However, Chelsea has been the reason that made me go to Allure originally, and she also has been the reason behind going a second time and as for last night, a third one. Last time I checked she was taking a break so I was somewhat surprised to hear her name. Mind you, I've never seen Chelsea but there are quite a few reviews on her around and it all would indicate that the ratio looks-service is a good one when it comes to her, even when I actually haven't seen the girl. I did not make a booking though as I was interested in seeing Eva too at least for an intro.


I was told to go after nine o'clock so I did kill some time at home until I realised I would be getting there well after nine o'clock. A shame, I thought, because my original plan was to be there at 9 o'clock on the dot, so I wouldn't risk some other punter booking Chelsea. By the time I got to Allure, only Chantelle was available. Now, Chantelle provides a great service but I did want to meet Chelsea and see what the fuss was all about. The receptionist told me that if I wanted to wait she would bring me a drink and send Eva and Chelsea when they'd become available. So I waited.


I browsed an issue of Ralph magazine and just as I finished, the door opened and Eva came to say hi. The intro was friendly, yet straight and to the point. Let me tell you that Eva looks very, very good. Based on looks alone I'd book her in a second but there's always that question about the sort of service good looking girls provide. I basically had no time to ask her anything and there aren't any actual reviews on her. I heard more footsteps approaching and I wondered if that'd be Chelsea but nope; it was the friendly receptionist who came to ask me if I wanted to spend time with Eva. My answer was of course I did but I wanted to see Chelsea too. She told me that Chelsea would be another 10 minutes and asked me if I understood that by waiting I could miss the opportunity of booking Eva. For a second, I felt a bit like a child in a toy store with some adult trying to talk sense into me. In a smart move, I decided to book Eva and go back for Chelsea some other time. I also decided that Eva was worthy of at least a 45 min. booking.




Eva is a young tall blonde, probably around 175 cm plus heels, size 10 or less, blue eyes, pretty face with high cheek bones, gorgeous natural D-cups with lovely nipples that go hard very easily. She has very pale skin and last night she was wearing a very nice red bustier. She is very well spoken, to the extent that I wondered if she was Australian, and the whole combination creates a bit of a 19th Century character. She is a rarity since she's young but probably very well suited to the discerning gentleman. Maybe she'll hate me for saying this but I mean it as a compliment, she has a remote resemblance to Nicole Kidman, particularly her eyes and nose. She only works Saturdays, so she's not jaded either.


Eva led me upstairs to a room without a shower; I've been there once before. I did notice a telescope and something that looked like a dentist chair. Both things became ideal objects to break the ice and joke about. Health check and shower at the end of the corridor and I'm back for the fun to start. I did notice that while Eva doesn't give you all the goods from the moment you walk in, it is possible to click with her and we did click, carrying the session in a tongue in cheek manner all the way through. So, humorous conversation continued even through moments where other people generally shut up.


She did offer a massage but of course I did not accept the offer. Eva, a bit defiantly, asked me: "So if it is not massage, what would you like to do?"... It always feels a bit weird trying to explain someone whose service limits you don't know, that you'd prefer to cuddle, touch and kiss instead, so I often let my hands do the talking at that stage. I answered: "You'll see".


I helped Eva to get rid of her bustier and G-string and I started testing the boundaries by kissing her body. First destination her lovely nipples, no problem there and what great boobs they are; they do wonders even for a butt-lover like myself. I kept going North, and tried a few kisses on her neck and on her lips, yet the latter seemed like out of boundaries. I went South then, and just as I was arriving to her fresh and inviting pussy, shaven with just a little bit of nubile-like blond hair, she put her hand on top. Damn, I thought, then she asked me what I was doing down there. I innocently replied that getting acquainted with "it", to which she removed her hand and let me continue. I did ask her: "You do like it, right?", and she replied "Well, I'll tell you later".


She was pretty much still in teasing mode and after a couple of humourous comments from both of us, she decided to let herself go and enjoy my tongue work, which eventually became, tongue, nose and finger work. She never answered me if she enjoyed that and I forgot to ask; I don't know if I manage to take Eva to cloud 9 but I suspect she had a good time. I went up again and she grabbed my penis right before her now wet entry and began to stroke it with her hand right there. Just as she was reaching for a condom and asking me if I liked oral on me, I did turn her around instead and started sliding little AndyJ in between her butt-cheeks. I think she was a bit surprised, maybe not many people take this attribution with her. I think she wasn't even sure of what I was doing until I verbally explained my intentions to her. She was cool with it but asked me not to come on her bum; on her back was fine though. I knew very well that I wouldn't come there and then, for me it was just an entrée. Eventually I let her put a condom on me for some energetic oral. Unfortunately, she used one of those thick flavoured ones but I did not want to jeopardise the mood by whingeing about it and by then I was very horny to say the least.


The intercourse then started with some cowboy action. She looks lovely from that angle and she's full of energy. It was a bit hard for me to keep up with her energy and speed, even when we changed to missionary. However, immersed in the action as she was, gave me a new opportunity to try kissing her lips again and I was lucky this time. It did not become DFK but enough to give me that extra incentive I needed. Finally we changed to doggy where I could keep up to speed a bit better. At my request, down she went flat on her tummy, we joined hands and we finished that way.


After a sip of my drink and a rest, I could maybe have gone for a second round but Eva is a very good conversationalist and we got carried away chatting about books, authors, life, etc. until the buzzer went off. Among other things, Eva was absolutely surprised when I mentioned to her about these reviews on the Internet. She couldn't believe it: "Is there anything written about me?" ... Only that reference about an intro I explained to her. Knowing I would be writing a review, I did check with her if it was okay to do so. She answered: "Only if you write nice things about me", and having had a more than nice time with her I reassured her that I'd do so. She then asked me how to find these reviews but before I could answer she changed her mind: "No, I actually don't want to know!"... and despite all I can say is good things about her, it's probably better that way.


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