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Kat 88


I've always said my life could write a series of books. So this is my first blog. And happens to be at the stage of my life where I'm a service provider, escort, hooker, whore, prostitute, and any other way of putting a spin on one of the oldest professions around.

In saying that there is always a stigma attached to this profession, and you need to hold your own. I'm happy in choice of profession,and for all those who think it's not a profession and it's an easy job. I'd like to open your eyes a little.

For those of you who have had the chance to spend some time with an escort, should be aware it's way more than sex. We provide counselling, experimentation under a comfortable situation, fun, laughs, a clean drug free environment (well most career girls do) and satisfaction! It's not always easy fishing for the right touch, talk, or action if the client isn't clear or is shy, disabled, or wants something kinky but too embarrassed to say. I try to eliminate the cold feet with my clients, and get down to pampering him or her the way they like.

This is just a few things I thought would be a good interesting read. I'll have more to come if people are interested. More stories, thoughts and love. X Kat


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Hi Kat. Good for you. I for one would love to hear more. As a very new punter, I'm interested to hear more from ladies in the industry. I look for to reading some more from you.

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Hi Kat.  Hearing from the ladies is, to me, by far the best part of this forum.  Please keep your stories coming. :)

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Kat...You are brilliant!  Your experience/knowledge shared is very worthwhile, an interesting & often misunderstood world...can't wait to hear more!

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