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Blakes Christmas Carol



Christmas is reputed to be a happy time but I always struggle with it.


It often seems my family stores their petty grievances and disappointments up all year, so then they can drink too much and then have a lovely shout at each other. Or their other weapon of choice, the long moody silences, tempered with overeating and hangovers.


We have some family friends we usually see that are Churchy, and their desire to drunkenly thump the piano keys and murder songs at this festive time of year makes me wonder if doing the time inside for Common Assault would all be worth it.


As a punter I'm frequently a bit in love with several lovely young Asian ladies at any one time. But we all know they won't be sitting around my table for Christmas dinner. I do want them to be breaking bread with me and mine though.


And I now know at least one beautiful WL may like to be included in my Christmas lunch plans somehow.


Recently I accidental made love to a sex worker. We spent some time together and had a talk about her recent bratty behaviour. She responded that my confidence comes off as arrogance and she doesn't like to be bossed around. Fair enough. It's not the first time people have told me this. Hymmmm. A learning opportunity for me eh?


As this new understanding between us blossomed we discussed her plans for the coming year and what were my plans for the Christmas break.


She sells me sex, so I after a while I offered to buy some of it off her today. The line was very blurred though, and now to me it was all shades of grey, so I said “What's better, I go now and come back on a different day for the sex, or should we just get naked and go for it? Would that be ok do you think”?


“Today is ok. That's fine. Very ok in fact”


We shower (me first) and then something new, she's become shy. She comes out of the shower and wraps herself in the towel and is clearly a bit off her game.


There's some hymming and giggling. Some sidelong glances.


She sits on the bed with her back to me and she's still wrapped in her towel.


My sword is poised. It's been ready for the quick cut and thrust of some close quarters action for quite a while now.


She takes a deep breath, drops the towel and we get started.


It goes well I think.


Later I need to leave and she has gone very very soft.


We quietly chat a little at the door and then I slowly reach for her. She slowly comes to my arms and I hold her gently close to my body. Her eyes are moist. Mine as well.


I make a joke about getting a parking ticket soon and she laughs and quickly gives me her Christmas list. The usual stuff, an iPhone 6, fancy perfume, a fancy handbag, a car!


I laugh and promise to get her none of those things.


She laughs and says “I know! You're cheap! And a Stalker!”


I drive home imagining Christmas dinner with her seated next to my father while my mother asks her how she met me.


Christmas is a bad time for a punter I think. Many of us longer-term hobbyists have secret people in our lives, people that we naturally and normally have some feelings for. But other parts of our lives have seem to have partitions or dividers that separate the floating world from real-life.


Anyhoo, I don't have the answers I need, so all I'm committing to at this stage is I promise to keep looking for a happy healthy way through XMAS to January.




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I will make a point of catching up with all my regulars before Christmas, and thanking them for the times we've shared throughout the year.


I spent much of last Christmas in the hospital visiting my mother and she died four days later. This year there will be a very empty metaphorical chair at my metaphorical table, and that absence will occupy my thoughts for much of the season.


The old girl would most assuredly not approve of my present hobbies, yet those same pastimes have kept me sane through a difficult year when I've had to learn how to be something other than a son.

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I've had to learn how to be something other than a son.


You'll always be her son WS, and she left her mark on you in many ways, great and small.


Everybody is marked or stamped by others in some way, and that truth doesn't end because they have.


Have a better one.



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Sir Thomas TTE


I sympathise with you Blake re Christmas lunch with family.  My daughter has arranged lunch with her in-laws, so grand-son can have Christmas with both sets of grand-parents - not looking forward to it.


On another note, had my first Christmas drinks last week - Ruby at Flame Angels - a man could get drunk on all that cunni linctus!

And I have a couple more 'parties' planned with regulars this yule-tide.


Forget family and arguments. Just eat, drink and be merry (or is that do Mary?).

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Good advice. Except I'm related to a Mary and I wouldn't even fuck her with your cock! Lol

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Sir Thomas TTE


OMG Just realised that 'Mary' is the other grand-mother. Whilst I have a couple of 40+ GMILFs amongst my regulars, grand-mother Mary is a big no-no!

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Alice Wonderland


Loved this post :) Thanks for sharing!

The blurred lines can be rather confusing, but I think getting to know one another and sharing that intimacy is a beautiful thing, totally worth it.

Question; would you date a working girl?

I'm currently in a relationship and he supports me and my work, even wants to get into the industry himself :)


Goodluck with Christmas, sending you many well wishes and love


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I sort-of have dated a WL. Last year I was seeing a private and we made a regular thing of it.


I would see her a couple of times a week and we would text each other through the day. We'd watch movies and tv together while she waited for her next booking.


My goal was for her meet my wife and the three of us could try a Polygamous relationship, or maybe just friends.


She and my wife met and they totally ignored me for an hour and got on like a house on fire. She invited us back to her place after dinner and the three of us sat on her couch laughing and joking. I felt very full and a bright future began to take root in the present.


A couple of weeks later her on again off again boyfriend reappeared and banned her seeing anyone she met while doing sex work.


It was maybe three months before I deleted the final two texts she sent to my phone. My re-reading of them was unhealthy. Sigh.


Hope this helps.

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Happy Christmas B7. Just wanted to tell you I enjoy whatever you write very much, Syd xx

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I will make a point of catching up with all my regulars before Christmas, and thanking them for the times we've shared throughout the year.


I too am going to see both special ladies I know at some point this month and let them know I value their contributions to my life.

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The XMAS fights have started early in our family this year!


Today I was accused of being less than perfect!


I know right!




Less than perfect?




Boy does that person need and attitude adjustment :(

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