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New bright red hair...to keep or go back blonde lol



hey guys ive just recently dyed my hair bright red and love it but will i loose money from not being blonde?? I guess we will find out...



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ohhh thats good thanx heaps guys ;)

i will at some point need to gop back blonde though lol

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Love red heads!  First escort I saw was a red head.  Maybe you'll stand out from the blondes and brunettes?

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heaps of blondes out there but how many red heads, i think you will do quiet well niche market

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a few years back I met a lady at the Shoe. She had a vivid red hair wig. When I asked her about it, she said she had 2 options breast enhancement or the wig ($1500 one).


when I asked her how it was working out for her (at the end of our booking) she replied it was the best investment she had ever made. Her business had sky rocketed.

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I have a thing for sexy red heads, so I don't see a problem...shouldn't make a huge difference :)

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hummm yes i think ill go brighter red ;) then get new pics and stay that red ;) 

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if you feel good as a red head, great!

but from my experience, the girls I do know didn't do quite as well as red heads than they did as blondes or even brunettes, (I don't have a personal interest in saying it, as I'm a blonde myself), 

Personally I think red heads are hot! But I'll be curious how you go

Good luck :)

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Hummm I think I'll be going back blonde any day now :( I love being bright red but I'm not making nowhere near as much cash xx

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