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6 Months (and a bit) and feeling like a champ



Well, what a difference a month (and a bit) can make.


What seemed like a road that would never end and something that would haunt me for a long time yet is beginning to fade.


Cialis IS my friend but am starting to feel like it may soon become a thing of the past with erections becoming more frequent, longer lasting and stronger. It still takes a bit of encouragement to get things happening but once up, it now lasts the duration. Good news also about the little problem with a bit of urine escaping at point of climax. After a lot of practice (read manual intervention), it's under control and much better.


Such has been the improvement that on a short business trip to Brisbane last week, the old urge was BACK. Unfortunately though, it was about 11.30 at night and didn't feel it fair to try and impose myself on some of the better credentialed privates which left the Cracker / Backpage option. The tales of woe that abound from those places soon doused the flame as I think it will take a fairly understanding WL (with a reasonable grasp of English) to help me through a return to punting circles.


I can only say that the process has been made much easier with the help of my fuck buddy, who seems to have taken a great interest in me as something of a project.....bless her! Seriously though, without her patience it might have been a much longer road and as my doc has said more than once, "use it or lose it". She has used the "L" word in recent discussions, so who knows what might come of it.


With luck, my next post will be in the reviews section and will mark the end of a journey that began all those months ago. Thankyou to all the people of Punter Planet, some of whom I have met, others I only know from your comments and messages of support but all of you have helped me through this.


The last word should be reserved for letting my fellow punters know that what I have gone through (as have many others) is a hell of a lot better than pegging out early with a dose of cancer, get yourself checked and if the worst comes about, face it knowing that things will get better, due in no small part to the advances in medicine,




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Goodonyah AX.


Bit worried about the use of the "L" workd though :D


That could be the end of punting for you :D

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Glad to see things are going better, aussiex. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

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