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My Return



blog-0826222001413299013.jpgHello gentlemen, and not so gentle men. I have been absent from this site ever since my trip to WA. I suppose I didn't really know what to make of that trip. It was difficult. Shortly after that, my work place closed down. I decided to work on some alternative career options as the industry seems to be dying rather slowly. Now I'm ready to get back on the horse, so to speak, and exploring many more options. I've been doing some research of late into other forms of sex work. Starting with cam sites, I looked into how it all works, how much money it makes and how much fun it looks. I guess I followed this curiosity all the way to professionally filmed porn. Now I have an interview in a few days for a Melbourne based amateur porn site. I'm looking forward to some lump-sum payments, which is very rare in my line of work, and wonder if it will be any where near as fun as working. I'm also reconsidering escorting instead of venue work, as I never really explored that option before my hiatus. For now, I am beginning some online domination play, which should be a whole lot of fun without making me very busy at all. I look forward to updating you all on my exploits and adventures from my unique perspective. See you all very soon xxx


PS. I hope you all enjoy my new hair colour/s, thought I'd go a little wild with nobody to impress but myself!


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