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As I’ve mentioned a number of times, when it comes to booking private WLs and having them come to a hotel room, I don’t like arousing unwanted attention, hence why more often than not I mainly stick to seeing private girls when I’ve been on holidays. Mainly cause I’m in that room for about a week.


Though on the two occasions I’ve seen Lani in my home town I’ve had her come to my home not only cause I wouldn’t around unwanted attention (I live on a corner and my one neighbour minds his own business in that sense) but also cause I can be in my own element. However my more recent punt with Karen was the first time I’d ever booked a hotel solely for the purpose of having a punt.


But on reflection and I had this discussion with one of the ladies I saw when I was down in Melbourne, even if a staff member of the hotel saw me meet the lady in the foyer, how could they prove that she was a WL?


I guess the answer to that question is they can’t. Whenever I’ve met a lady in the foyer she’s never worn attire that would really stand out. As if they had a neon sign around her neck saying “WORKING GIRL”


Even if the “house keeping” came knocking I’d just tell them to piss off and mind their own business. Even if the manager took me to task over it, I’d just simply say that she was an old friend of mine who happens to live in the city I’m in. Let’s face it it’s not out of the question. Then if they then went on and said “We could hear you were having sex” well my response to that would simply be “So what?” her and I are a pair of consenting adults.


I guess what I’m getting at whilst it would be difficult to prove that she was a working girl. I still don’t like broadcasting things.


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Hey ian80au, guess what. There's no rule preventing you from seeing a WL in your hotel/motel room.


If the lady is going to be staying overnight, then you should declare on booking the room that it is for two people (and the rates don't tend to change if your room is booked for one or two people). If she's only visiting for a few hours, nothing to declare!


So, if management ever challenges you for having a WL in your room, tell em to get fucked, cos that's what you're doing.


Where management does have a say, is if there are WL loitering on the premises in the hope of picking up a client. Or if the WL is operating an in-call service (for more than one client I'd suggest). In those cases, the WL can be asked to leave the premises.


But if she's there to meet a client who's already booked, then she's there lawfully by invitation.


So, yeah, no one should feel intimidated by hotel management.

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It would be a brave Manager indeed that challenged you on it....maybe if there was a parade of tarts at all hours it could be picked up. I imagine most experienced hotel staff might have an eye for it and have a fair idea, just like you can meet someone and have an inkling (not know) they might be gay.


The WL's I have met at hotels have been my guests and as Don mentions above, the short answer would be to tell them to shove it up their jumper and I think that as snooty as some of the places can get, they would be wilting fairly fast if an indignant denial or just plain "mind your own business" was given.


It's a bit like the old foot in mouth trick of asking an overweight lady when the baby is due. Unless the baby actually falls out between her legs while there, she is not pregnant. Same for a WL, unless you whip out the cash and she starts to give a BJ in the foyer, she is for all intents and purposes a visitor. Not a good career move for any Manager to call the female friend of a hotel guest a hooker even if he / she  has reasonable suspicion.

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ISO9001 S.A.P PersuASIAN


I was having an early morning coffee in the restaurant with the GM of a leading Hotel a quite a few years ago and a Hotel guest with his 'partner' arrived.... The Guest was well dressed in his Collins St attire and his much younger partner had a loose fitting cut sleeved t-shirt and the shortest cut off jeans shorts imaginable... Their clothing choices were slightly at odds with each other!

The GM didn't seem impressed and on her departure when they made eye contact he ever so slightly shook his head at her and she discreetly nodded in coy acknowledgement...... Nothing was said but I took it as a 'Please don't let me see you in my establishment, especially dressed like that again' 

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Plus there's the fact that I spendf the whole night there and not just a few hours. If I've booked a room I spend the night there. (And enjoy the breakfast buffet the next morning)

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