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Private (NSW) - 16/04/06 - Lucy Blake



I have said in previous reviews that I'm cutting down my punting to save money for something else. Well, at least the intention is there; I haven't gone to Melbourne lately, where apart from whatever I spend on sex, there's much more I spend on food, flight and accommodation. The months to come will be even tougher, and knowing this I thought I better catch up now with Lucy, who's been on my list for a long time.




Lucy's sexy new pictures only gave me the little last push I needed to make that booking but in reality I always wanted to meet her. Maybe it's the name plus surname thing. You know for a parlour mongrel like myself, getting to have sex with someone with a full name (yet probably not the one she was born with) is something that does not happen very often, as opposite to the Cindys, Chloes, etc. But I'm not fooling anyone, there was something else apart from the full name thing. It was the complexity of this woman, with fans and detractors, that really brought her to my attention. I've been watching her... and she, well surprisingly, she's been watching me, or I should say my reviews. But back to her, apart from a witty nature and round bum, I imagined she had that certain quality which could make a woman Heaven or Hell, depending on how you treat her. The challenge of unleashing pleasure or pain. Should Lucy have been a series of anonymous pretty pictures on a website, I would've never seen her. I did want to have a lick at Lucy's puzzling sexy mind.


The process of making a booking through PMs was extremely easy though. However, forget about sexual likes and dislikes (she had already done that research on me); our messages were more about chocolate cakes and fantasy dresses; so there was something different already. I avoided Good Friday as I thought that would've been like a direct one-way ticket to hell, but I opted for Purgatory and chose Easter Sunday. I decided to become Lucy's Easter Bunny and so, after the self-imposed long wait for Sunday, there I was with a big chocolate egg trying to make my way up to Lucy's flat, located somewhere in the clouds of the CBD. At some stage I thought of wearing a giant rabbit suit but I would have attracted too much attention.


Finally I got to her front door and after knocking, she opened it kind of hiding behind it, just to keep the suspense going for a few extra seconds. She welcomed me with a pash; I put my hand on her bum (as you do when you first meet someone) and noticed a strange texture: latex!... She was wearing her latex suit and believe it or not, pashing and hugging someone in latex was a brand new experience for me.




There's no point in trying to describe Lucy; go and see her pictures. She is, however, very petite. Somehow you expect it, as everyone has said it before, but you can't help being surprised anyway. But fear not, she may be tiny but there's plenty of natural boobs and lovely arse to keep your hands busy the whole way through.


After a quick look from the balcony - my god! so high, it's not funny - she led me to her sofa, where in between chocolate cake, white wine and increasingly serious DFK, Lucy took her time to know me a bit better. Somehow the kisses continued for a long, long time, with her sitting on top of me. The zipper at the back of her latex suit was only too easy to undo. Her skin is smooth, I let my hand sit there right at the top of her bum crack and between more kisses and conversation, I forgot about the usual routines when visiting a WL. It was shower time and by then I had forgotten that this step was still due.


Somehow the kissing for a long while on the sofa makes you think you're with a girlfriend and any parlour-style routine is quickly forgotten. However, I was only too happy to jump in the shower knowing what was awaiting me right after it. Lucy ran me the shower, and with a ballerina type of move she excused herself and rushed out to change. My shower took less, so I put on a robe she had brought for me and waited in the lounge for a few seconds until Lucy arrived in her Fairy Princess outfit (actually two piece, stockings, tiara and wings!)... Because her wings were black, we entertained the idea of her being a Succubus like the one on my avatar. Not sure if Lucy liked the idea; I think she likes being a Princess better.




In the candle-lit bedroom Lucy takes the robe away from me and we go to bed where I have to get her out of her Fairy Princess outfit. This bra wasn't as easy to remove as the latex suit but eventually I managed. I jumped on top of her and we kept pashing for a while (actually, the DFK never stopped but we just did other things in addition to it).


Lucy knew I wanted to go down on her and eventually she gave me the nod to go for it. I loved her fully shaven pussy, so I decided to get lost there until called back. The great thing about Lucy when you're going down on her is that you get some verbal feedback too. I went down there to pleasure me by pleasuring her, so the more you know about her pleasure, the better it works for me too. As she got wet, she asked me to touch her bottom, so I obliged by stimulating her gently with one finger. I had no rush in finishing that. Lucy would bring me to the surface from time to time for more DFK. Eventually, the time came for Lucy to return the favour, so she turned me around and started kissing my body softly, getting close to the little fellow and teasing around it before putting on a condom and proceeding to give me a very long and wet blowjob. Gradually, she managed to get us in a 69 position for more oral enjoyment; unfortunately my head was a bit too low but I tried to do my best without killing the mood and pace. After we finished that she said: "Promise me that when you come, you'll have your tongue in my mouth"... No worries, your wish is my command, Lucy.


She then asked me how did I want it, and since she was already on top of me, we started it with a bit of cowboy action. Lucy's vagina felt tight, wet and warm. Probably with such a long workout before actual sex, it felt awesome. We continued for another long while with other positions like missionary and doggy... until finally I sense that it won't take me much longer to come. We adopted my favourite finishing position, which is doggy but lying flat and the girl with her legs together. I could feel Lucy's delicious derriere bouncing me back, so I tried to prolong the pleasure for as much as I could and we indeed managed for quite a few more minutes. Finally, I know I won't hold it any longer and my lips went for Lucy's mouth, engaging in DFK as promised while I shot everything I could possibly have in me and helped by Lucy squeezing every drop with her pussy muscles. It was very intense to say the least; one of the most intense ones in a long time.


After that there was only room for pillow talk and another slice of chocolate cake. :)


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