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Manhattan Terrace - 10/12/05 - Michelle



No plans for Saturday night, woke up far too late to take advantage of the nice day... so, punting presented itself as a natural option, and a quickie was on the cards as I didn't want to spend too much money. Now, I could have seen Elise at Amore, whom I visit regularly and a great time would've been guaranteed... However, I would've ended up booking her for more time, plus it was rather late to go all the way to Newtown.


So, I thought I could check out Manhattan Terrace (48 Kellett Street) in the Cross. I've been there in the past with mixed results; probably more positive experiences than bad ones, but I gave the girls a miss a huge number of times.


I arrived there, and being Saturday night, I prayed that the 400 hundred people sitting at the cafes across the road did not know me. Luckily, the door was open, so at least I didn't have to wait outside. The receptionist asked me the usual questions and told me the prices: $130 for 30 min, $190 for 45 min, and $250 for the hour. I don't quite get when the price structure tends to make the shortest booking the most attractive... Okay, maybe the area, full of drunken young guys, makes it more logical that way, but at other places I generally visit, the hourly rate is much more value for money. Here, you're better off booking 30 minutes just in case, and if happy extend for another 30 minutes... and the $10 that you'll lose that way, call it insurance!


The receptionist explained that those prices where for the basic service inclusive of oral and sex, and that each girl may provide extras at her discretion. Hmm, I thought it wasn't a good sign when the receptionist leaves the way open for the girls to hit you with the extras but I put a brave face and told her to bring them on anyway. All girls were booked but one, she came and said hello, talked about fetishes and fantasy costumes available but I passed. A second receptionist showed up (I could swear I know her from somewhere!), and told me that Michelle was going to be free in five minutes... She said that Michelle was European, blonde, size 10, gorgeous, etc... Hmm, where about in Europe I asked. Receptionist 2 yelled at Receptionist 1: "Where is Michelle from?"... "Half Russian, half Swedish" was the answer. Okay, it all sounded very promising for this lover of blondes. I have to say that the receptionists were very friendly; receptionist 2 even went looking for her favourite porn video (playing at the intro room) and helped me pass the 5 minutes (What a shame I couldn't book Receptionist 2, as she was good looking too)


Finally, Michelle arrived and introduced herself... very quick and to the point but I only paid attention to her cute accent. Michelle was maybe size 11/12, early twenties, around 170cm, blond, blue eyes, pleasant face but not what I'd call gorgeous, but she does have huge natural boobs, not bad in the bum department either. I paid for 30 minutes and Receptionist 2 tried to persuade me to book for longer, saying that Michelle was certainly worth it, etc. I stayed firm and told him that if I liked Michelle's service I'd be back for more. Receptionist 2 guided me upstairs and asked me to have a shower while Michelle got ready.


I've been in that room quite a few times; it's okay but my only suggestion to the owners is to buy bigger towels. Generally after the shower I like to wrap the towel around my waist so I don't feel so naked, but with these towels no way you can do that. I laid down and waited in bed and Michelle took her time to come in. However, she rang reception once she got into the room, so fair enough. She walked in smoking, which doesn't bother me but I know people that would've gone mad because it.


Now, Michelle was in a chatty mood, and I thought: "great, we'll break the ice easily!" However, Michelle kept talking, and talking, and talking... like two metres away from me with her black bikini on. A quarter of what she was saying was very difficult to comprehend because of her accent and the speed at which she talks... and the rest was somehow overridden by a mental Tic Tac, Tic Tac inside my head. For god's sake, girl, I only booked you for 30 minutes! I obviously, didn't say that; just thought of it. Instead I kept nodding and smiling, trying to help her with those phrases which generally help wrapping up a conversation.


Eventually, Michelle ran out of things to say and looked at my little fellow, which I have to admit, hardly ever looked so small and disinterested... a pathetic view really. She asked me what happened, any alcohol, any substances?... Well, what can I say, listening to Michelle chatting in the distance about her visit to the doctor, it's not the biggest turn on I have experienced. Obviously, I didn't say any of that either, just thought of it. I asked her however to come closer for a little bit of hugging and touching so we could awake some lust in me, to which she replied giggling: "I only suck and fuck!"... Great, I knew that anything I'd say after that could and would be used against me, and so I let her put the condom on for her to give me oral. She asked me to relax as, according to her, I was holding my breath (Needless to say, I was very sceptical about the whole enterprise at that stage)... "Well, if you come a bit closer, I'll relax" I said... "Not until you breathe normally" she answered... Okay, I pretended to relax and she let me play with her tits, even kissing them... but no matter how good her boobs were, the little fellow was very resented about not copping a feel... you know, rubbing a bit against one leg, her tits, her stomach, her armpit, whatever... he wasn't asking for much... just a bit of human contact, not being hooded by cheap thick latex while still sleeping.


And so, Michelle proceeded to give one of the most mechanical blowjobs I've had in a very long time... she kept complaining about air in the condom and if I remember correctly she changed it like five times. The little fellow looked at me and telepathically said: "Mate, what do you expect me to do here?"... I looked at it and replied (also telepathically) "C'mon, you can do it... you've been in worse situations. If you don't do it for me, at least do it for your country!"... "Alright, alright!... Help me with some images". I started looking at Michelle's body, who by the way, still had the bottom part of her bikini on. Kept playing with her tits, it did help a bit but I could still hear the little guy yelling for more inspiration, it was then when I got a glimpse of Michelle's buttocks and observed how the bikini was somehow trapped in between her two cheeks... "Okay, hold it there!" the little fellow exclaimed. That way we gave Michelle the impression that she could jump on top... though I thought to myself "If the condom remains on with my dick in that stage, it will be a miracle!" Anyway, Michelle sat on top and luckily she was tight enough, however, no rhythm in her jumping. It was only a matter of seconds for the condom to come off, so I wisely suggested doggy. I rolled back the condom and went on with the show. No rhythm with doggy either, so I suggested Michelle to lie down completely with her legs together (and let me do all the work). Okay, I started getting some pleasure out of it, though it was interrupted by Michelle's fake moaning. I block the moaning out of my head and concentrate on the fact that her arse was fleshy and quite bouncy. As soon as I saw a chance of coming, I took it... it was one in a thousand, I'd say... but the little fellow rose to the occasion and spat out.


To keep the level of service consistent, Michelle did not give a second more inside her for me to come in peace. She even was volunteering to remove my condom when I explained to her that I was indeed still coming. I was after all, happy that I managed to finish and before the buzzer. However bad, at least it meant not going from there straight into another parlour to relieve my frustration.


I laid down, Michelle lighted another cigarette and sat in the bed next to mine (I'd like to believe that due to her being concerned about the smoke bothering me, but then I'd like to believe many other things!)... She told me that, particularly with younger guys, she can be an absolute bitch and she didn't seem worried at all about people not seeing her again. Now, the conversation was in very friendly terms, because despite all, I tend to think that what you've read above is actually Michelle's "deluxe service". And don't get me wrong, we still had a nice conversation after that. But I have to say that Michelle and her cute accent is someone I'd be happy to have a coffee with... she is a nice girl, not one to have paid sex with though.


When I was leaving, receptionist 2 realised the experience hasn't been the best, to which she asked me: "Is she being a bitch tonight?"... (No comments!). I'd rate the experience $60 worth out of $130. Better luck next time... somewhere else!

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