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Post GF letdown



Ok so its Monday, i am at work and am thinking about what will be my second daliance for the year. How will i do this? I am tossing up whether it will be at SCI where i can just sit in a vibrating chair for thirty minutes whilst i work up the courage to meet the ladies or try a place i read of on here in Cheltenham. Bayside angels.

suggestions anyone?

Anyway i think thursday seems like a good time. Does anyone else get racked with guilt doing this?

I have a GF and she is lovely but the domestic stuff is driving me nuts. I would really just like to be on my own at this time of my life and put the top down on my old SAAB and drive but i find myself earning good money but helping with her mortgage at 3K a month. I could go to bali and buy a suit every month for that so i guess i am just bitter.

so it is probably easier to see why i fantasise anout being with a woman who just wants to rub my neck.

I don' know what half the abbrevoations mean on here. CIM, DATY,BBBJ anyway so long as i have no obligations for 60 mins i will be happy.

Night all. Look in again on Friday i will tell you which way i went on thursday night

BYE FOR NOW. Oh any ideas welcome


Recommended Comments

CIM - cum in mouth

DATY - dining at the y (oral on her)

BBBJ - bare back blow job

CBJ - covered blow job


Any others you're not sure of just ask ;)

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A GF over a WL, give me the former, will the WL be there 24/7, will the WL be there if you ever end up in an emergency ward, need a lift home etc etc..  no she wont she will be off fucking someone else, and as Gene simons from Kiss says its the music industry to make money like the sex industry.....  Give me the GF anyday.

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Oh yeah you are right of course just realised why they heading of this blog causes confusion. The GF In the heading stands for Grand Final. Yasee im a Swans supporter. I agree seeing a WL is for me a treat and a way of dealing with my unhappy home life like a lot of us.



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Georgie at SCI is awesome lots of reveiws down to earth Aussie lady who really looks after you. But I guess ur YMMV

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SCI is good you just have to pick the wright girl. Georgie is awesome has some great reviews on pp. the management are pretty strict with the girls they have let go a few if they don't treat clients well

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