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Ok so this is anonomous right?

Just fo keep you interested i'll start with a true story; my wife left me because she said I was obsessed with the Monkees. Thought she was joking at first............and then I saw her face!

Ok as a young fella I lost my virginity to a hooker at Kings Cross, I was about 28 at the time. From there it went downhill, I spent heaps of dollars on ladies over the years then got married and had kids etc. Now almost 60 I find that sometimes I need a wl just to make me feel special once in a while.

I have chatted to some lovely ladies on here, and whereas my experience back in the 80s was with street walkers and I felt horrible about it because they were mostly on smack, and I was feeding their habit.wasnt even aware that there was a different type of girl who was in control of their life until I chatted to some of the ladies on here. So what do I think now? I regard the women iave chatted to on here as lovely proffesional women, who as we say in the army "have their shit in on sock" They make me smile.

my short term goal at the moment is to book a certain PlayfulMJ, but until then I will start testing the waters closer to home. I must admit i am self concious about the way I look and am trying hard to lose some weight maybe by updating this, even if nobody reads it it may help.

Good luck everyone in your quest whatever ii may be.


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