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Inexperienced first timer punter - Seeking a stunning TS in Sydney



I am conservative "suit" wishing to explore various new sexual and erotic experiences. Unfortunately, my classified for a fun loving female to help me improve my oral technique has resulted in "zip".


So with "a never say die" attitude, I am seeking the advise of experienced punters (you!) as to how I should proceed. I have always fantasised about having sex with a beautiful lady that just so happens to have a cock. Never have lived that fantasy and just an inexperienced punter, are there any far better informed punters that can relate and advise?


Your advise will be greatly appreciated.


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I don't know what your ad said, but I assume you didn't get responses as the $ wasn't appealing enough.

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Just hire the girl, be bold and rest left on to the girl, she will be enough experienced to handle all the things. :P

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