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5 Months down....definate improvement



Improvement can only be measured as successfully moving forward and getting better, even if it seems a slow and bloody frustrating road.


So with that in mind I can say that things have definitely been better. Starting with the Cialis, seem to have gotten over the initial smack to the system and have had little or no rash this time, negligible soreness and a slow but steady increase in activity downstairs. My surgeon, ever to the point and frank, told me to "use it or lose it" and start masturbating in the shower etc to stimulate the area so I have taken his word to heart and begun a rigorous and sustained program of "physio". This coupled with my FB and her desire to assist with recuperation has meant that erections have become more frequent, needed less encouragement and lasted longer. Not claiming any victory yet as the beast has a long way to go before returning to "all nighter" status


On the subject of the Cialis, choke, splutter...... how much for a pack of 28 tablets? Did you really just say $171? Not cheap but have been able to claim through my private health fund while waiting for a delivery from Canada Pharmacy, an on line pharmacy that can supply (with a script), 92 tablets for $150 delivered....all above board and ridgy didge.


Mental state has improved a lot, at the same rate as the erection rate funnily enough.....hmmm, come to think of it I used to get a dose of stinking thinking if I didn't give the beast a regular run even before all this so nothing new really. The only things to address now are the hernia in the belly button (mutter mutter) and I will ask the question as to if the little nip and tuck op that can be had will stop the small amount of urine that tends to escape at the point of climax. Will have to get the hernia done anyway so might as well see about getting both done if the doc reckons it will make a difference.


Next tests are in January, all the signs so far are that it should be another good result but always that nagging worry, not sure how long before it goes away but hard to not think about it.




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Glad to read that, Aussiex. Keep pushing forward with optimism, as I'm sure that plays a part too. All the best!

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Some positive stuff there Aussie .Keep going forward and always wishing you well. :)

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Thanks Gents, I have very much appreciated the support from this community and the people who make it unique in so many ways. All I can say is that it feels better for sharing the journey and the encouragement has been marvellous, thankyou to everyone.

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